Thursday, August 6, 2009

8-1, with Hall of Fame Career a casualty.

He's a first ballot Hall of Famer. One of the great ambassadors of the game and he can make Tiger Woods at least break a sweat during a skins game.

What he's not? No longer a viable option for the Red Sox rotation. I love ya', John, but unless you are pitching one inning of late relief the next time I want to see you pitching for the Red Sox is the Old Timer's Game in the year of our Lord 2020.

Complete, total carnage at The New Toilet tonight, with the Skanks winning 13-6.

'Course the fact that makes the season series a whopping 8-1 in favor of Boston and Josh Beckett going tomorrow sort of takes some of the sting away.

Serenity now and Havoc tomorrow. Best thing about baseball? It's 162 games, the Yankees still have Joe Girardi managing them, and Mystique and Aura are currently dancing at "Al's Discount Ranch."

Somebody pass the TUMS.


Sean S. said...

Poor Red Socks Dad. He thinks that the red socks actually won a world series when they haven't won since 1918. We all know that their world series are tainted and that the Yankees wouldn't cheat like them. Yankees have class. Red socks, don't.

The Yankees are going to burst that steroid bubble in Beckett's arm tomorrow and make him, cry ee i.

Ted D said...


I've let you post. In all your retarded, cousin marrying glory.

But I'm done. You can peddle your retarder ramblings all you want from now on, but it won't be here.

Good luck and God Speed, doofus.

Just remember. 2004 and the biggest choke in sports history.

And please play in traffic on the freeway as often as you can.


Hi Red Sox Dad. My husband is a scout for the RS and tonight I just downloaded the same RS template that you have on your blog. My blog is: My question is: you managed to "clean up" that orange bar at the top of the template. How did you do that? I can't seem to clean it up. It is a bit unsightly, 'eh? HELP! :) Please email me, as I don't check or post comments on my blog. You can reach me at Please put Red Sox Dad, or something like that, in the subject line so I don't delete your email. Thank you!!!

HorshamScouse said...

Now Ted, you know he's not allowed out on his own.

I'm with you, if not ahead of you :), on Smoltz. Looking at the game replay though, it's not obvious when the wheels started to come off, nor whether Tito/Farrell could have reacted any quicker.

One thing did strike me: the number of fairly routine Yankee hits that went straight up the middle and into centre field. I don't know who's job defensive alignment is but something wasn't working today.

Ted D said...

Tara, I have no clue how I did it to be honest. But I'll think and see.

John, not sure either. All I know is it got ugly QUICK. Thank God Beckett is on for tonight.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Josh Beckett is pitching tonight... Josh Beckett is pitching tonight... Josh Beckett is pitching tonight...

Ted D said...

He's gotta be the stopper, Dawn.

Rich in the garage said...


You are naive to believe that Hankypoo wasn't bringing over some of his horse steroids for his yankees when he won those championships

Bernie Willians? Alfonso Soriano? Andy Pettite? Roger Clemens?

Hello Pot? Im the Ketttle, would love to get together to discuss how nothing Sean ever says is relevant.

Ted D said...

Jr. I love you, man.

Ted D said...

Sean, I told you already; I'm done with you. I've stated if you want to have a give and take about the Skanks and the Sox, fine. But I just made my life a lot easier. Go find someone else to annoy. And it really says alot about you that the ONLY places you seem to go are where aren't wanted.

Ted D said...

I'm done, moron.

Find another sandbox to play in. Life is too short and you are too stupid.

Ted D said...

PS, that'll be the last time I even acknowledge you. My blog, my rules, my kids, and you are too stupid to live.

You've now been banned from a Yankee fan site, here, and I'm guessing a site for the mentally handicapped/ fetal alcohol syndrome/ my parents were siblings sites. Good luck with all that.

Tex said...

Smoltz is done. Sean is dumb.
and if we don't find the right bats soon...

Pitching may can win games...but without runs...we can't

Ted D said...

We need hats for bats.

And I've gotta stop watching "Major League".