Monday, August 3, 2009

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

This is the same look I get when I tell him it's time for bed.

10 years from now this may get hairy.

Baseball tomorrow from that palatial ballpark known as The Trop, then on to the New Toilet and the Yankees.

I've got a sinking feeling the upcoming week is going to see me ingesting WAY more than the recommended dosage of Pepto Bismal.

Whatever. It beats winter hands down.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I am so ridiculously stressed out about the next six games (though, admittedly, not as stressed out as I would be if we were still playing like we did in Texas & against Oakland). I am hoping that despite our lackluster performance in the Juice Box in the past, maybe a little Victor in the lineup will lead to a little victory for the Sox. ;-) Heck, I'll be happy if we come out of Tampa splitting the two-game series. That would feel like a major accomplishment.

Ted D said...

I know how you feel, Dawn. HATE playing in Tampa and Yankee games always stress me out.

Ted D said...

To numb nuts. Are you honestly thus stupid? You want to talk trash about the Sox and Yankees? Fine. But I'm not posting something that I won't let my daughter read. Try again, dink. Better yet? Don't.