Saturday, August 15, 2009

It Worked Last Night...

It's the top of the 5th inning, the Red Sox are losing 4-1, and Brad Penny is on the hill.

Trot is in bed with a 102 degree fever, Rakes is asking me every 3 seconds if HE has a fever, and Ang and Ciera are up in West Virginia white water rafting, leaving me, ME, in charge.

Not only are the Sox losing, but the Rangers have stolen 6 bases in FOUR FREAKING INNINGS. And while you may initially blame Tek for all of this, the dude in the cowboy hat in the picture with the move to home plate that looks like The Matrix when they bend over backwards to avoid the incoming bullet is mostly to blame.

I'm firmly convinced the little old lady with the blue hair and the walker I saw at the grocery store last night, along with Haystacks Calhoun and a snail with a torn hammy and one leg could steal second tonight.

So, as Tim in the comment section of yesterdays post so eloquently said, I asked for a rabbit last night and got a kangaroo.

I'm expecting the same tonight.

PS: Gimme back my Wake.


Tree Newt said...

What luck! To get a night home with the boys and T-man has a triple digit fever!! Lucky you!

Tell Trotty I hope he feels better bro.

Ted D said...

Will do, Mattie. Never a dull moment around here.

BTW, my mojo sucks; boys lost 7-2. :(

fla beck said...

Hope Trot feels better soon,Ted. Poor fella.

Ted D said...

He got his sisters makeup all over the floor this morning, Becky.

I think he feels better.

Rich in the garage said...

Sierra has make up? Ted this could mean boys are going to be knocking on the door soon.

Going to have to shuffle the schedule to make sure I'm available for the meet and greet. I'll bring the alkasetzer tablets so I'll look like I have rabies.

The wet noodle attached to Tek's rigtht shoulder wasn't exactly helping the cause either. He's really becoming the typical Baseball movie catcher...I hope this one has a happy ending.

Ted D said...

Let 'em come, Jr. I've got a shot gun and Rakes and Trot. Beats a rabid dog any day of the week.

Tek plus Peeny's delivery was killing me.