Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This is what happens when a plan goes awry.

Due to the fact the Red Sox lost to the Rays and Trot is still treating the world as his personal toilet, I found myself wandering around the Interwebs while the game carried on in the background.

I watched the complete episode of "Hells' Kitchen" from last night, googled "How to stop your child from whizzing in inanimate objects" and stumbled across this article on Andre the Giant and his prowess for downing alcoholic beverages.

I'm in awe right now. 'Course if I was born with some degenerative disease that was going to kill me before the age of 50 I'd have probably downed the equivalent of the Coors Beer facility, but still.

Dude was EPIC.

On to New York and the New Toilet; and just so nobody forgets it, the Red Sox are currently 8-0 vs New York this year.

If there is any justice it'll be 12-0 come Sunday night.


HorshamScouse said...

Read that as downloading alcoholic beverages.

I thought Trot was through this phase.:(

~**Dawn**~ said...

Is it wrong that I am terrified of Smoltz tonight (even though I am 100% behind him still) and Buchholz on Saturday (why were we so adamant about NOT trading him again??) because those two starts make my stomach hurt. Also? JayBay is broken now? ::cries::

Ted D said...

John, just when we think we're in the clear he does it again.

And Dawn? I'm right there with you. Not sure if I'll be vertical for tonight by the end.

Rich in the garage said...

Loading the Viking helmet with orange juice.

Going sober for this one. Its kind of on the same idea of the electric fence for dogs, you know its going to hurt but in the end its for your own good.

God save me and you all.

Also, Saw the Rem Dawg on Huntington, he looks good! We need him back.

Ted D said...

Nice to see you do your part, Rich. You're a true inspiration.


Sean S. said...

What happened? Hmm? You lost? Hmm? Can't take it? Hmm?

This is what you get for cheating. Your whole team if filled with steroids and you probably take steroids too because you I hear you like to watch red sox games and flex your muscles.

Ted D said...

You are without a doubt the dumbest, most moronic numb nuts I've ever come across. I WORK, moron. Plus I've got a family, therefore I can't spend every waking hour bugging the crap out of people who can't stand me.

Giambi, Slappy, Pettitte, Roger, etc.. It was the entire game, moron. And up until tonight, your half a billion dollar team couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat against Boston this year. Enjoy it while it lasts, numb nuts.

BTW, thanks again for driving up the hit counts on my site, especially since I haven't checked your bizarre corner of the world out in about 2 months. So if you're hoping I'll give you the satisfaction?

Think again, Corky.