Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Return of The Rem Dawg

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Sox won 8-2, Beckett got his 14th win, and Scenic Lowell and Jason Bay played long ball.

All of the above are awesome in and of themselves.

Best part about tonight?

For just an inning, the Rem Dawg returned to the NESN broadcast booth. All of a sudden, there were no wars in the Middle East, health care reform got put on the back burner, and Trot was potty trained.

We've missed you, Jerry.


Tex said...

Man!!! I wish I was there to have seen that! I don't get to see "The Beckett" pitch this weekend...but it's all good. I'm going to Baltimore and hope to catch him there. not actually catch him...well

John Silveira said...

YAY Remdawg... I almost had tears... it was a great day in Red Sox Nation! I like your site. Feel free to check mine out. GO SOX !!! I'll be at the Fens today !!!!

Ted D said...

Tex, it was great, right? Remy back where he belongs. And I'm pretty sure that restraining order doesn't reach MD. ;)

Thanks, John. And have a blast at Fenway today!

Beth said...

Yeah, RemDawg!

Ted D said...

It was great to see him, right Beth? I think he'll be back for the Yankee series next weekend.

Tree Newt said...

Confession: I've had my head in the sand evidently. Bro, what's up with Remy?

Ted D said...

Lung cancer. He was there for the first few weeks, then gone.

Eck, Dave Roberts, and a host of guests in between. It's been a wacky year, bro.

Hopefully he's back soon; he gave up the cancer sticks which is good.