Saturday, August 22, 2009

Junichi Tazawa say's Hello

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Friday Night: 20-11, New York.

Saturday: 14-1, Boston.

Sunday: Beckett vs Sabbathia. On paper, and because the first two games look like football games gone horribly wrong, this one should be a tight, quick game filled with idiotic remarks and equally moronic suit/tie combinations from the ESPN crew.

However, it wouldn't surprise me if another 3 touchdown game erupts complete with a 5th inning brawl, fire falling from the sky, and Teets and Girardi engaged in a "1,2,3,4 I declare a thumb war" Death Match.

It's Red Sox/Yankees.

'Nuff said.


Tex said...

no it's

Red Sox > Yankees

Tim said...

Forget everything I wrote yesterday. Best BBQ ever. Burgers seemed extra tasty, much better than the crow the yankee fans were eating. What a difference a day makes. Go Sox.

Rich in the garage said...

Yosemitie Sam says you're wrong and that CC will be out by the third with a strained back fat.

Ted D said...

Tex, yep. Tim, glad you had a great time. I trust you were gracious in victory. And Sam? I really hope you're right.

Tex said...

back fat strain. heh

Ted D said...

Sox have hit CC well in the past; keep it rolling tonight, fellas.