Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Funny. I Thought It'd Have Been A Mug Shot

Ang and Rakes made the front page, ABOVE the fold of the local paper today after newspaper photographer snapped a picture of her kissing my little man goodbye yesterday on the first day of school.

This was a relief on several levels. One, he didn't think it was uncool to hug his Mom goodbye. Two, since his birth, I'd had visions of his first public photograph either being a mug shot or a wanted poster, so this was definitely a pleasant surprise. Three, I couldn't get my head through the front door after seeing this; not every day you see the love of your life and your first born son on the front page of the newspaper.

The fact he's not holding up a sign with a prisoner number on it is just a plus.

Throw in a Papi walk off Home Run to end the Sox/Sox game tonight and Teddy is a happy man. To all the haters who where crucifying the big man a few weeks ago?

The Large Father extends his middle finger in the universal symbol that the Red Sox are Number 1.

Finally, a better picture of today, courtesy of the


~**Dawn**~ said...

Awww! Have you contacted the paper about getting a copy of the actual photo to keep? My Gramp & I had our photo in the paper once and we were able to get a copy for ourselves. =)

Also? Man it's been a long time since we've seen that but vintage Papi never feels anything but awesome. Go Sox! (And the Rays just lost on a wild pitch. Good times, my friend, good times.)

Rich in the garage said...

Better teach the kid to fight, he's going to get BLASTED with hot mom jokes come high school.

Or we can enroll him in Rich's school of ego assassination. Either one works.

RE: Papi


'cept hes got a bat not an axe...and Im way more afraid of him that Jack.

HorshamScouse said...

That is so cool, Ted!

Ted D said...

Dawn, good idea! I'll give 'em a call today.

Rich, that Mom in that song from a few years ago ain't got nothing on Ang. And like your text said last night? "He's BAAAAAAAAACK!"

Thanks, John! I think it's pretty cool too!

Beth said...

Ted, this is so sweet!

Ted D said...

I think so too, Beth!

Stacy said...

I was the proud aunt/sister-in-law and took a copy of the paper to school today.

I did say that he was my heathen nephew. :)

Ted D said...

Nice, Stacy.

Tex said...


Ted D said...

It was pretty special, Tex.

And this game sucks.

Tree Newt said...

Like Babe Ruth, I called it!!! I told Stacy, when she sent me the link to the pick, that I'd bet the farm you blog on it in relation to being glad it wasn't for a crime!!! I know you like the back of my hand, bro!!!

Maybe it's because I'm Irish.

Ted D said...

You are better than Dionne Warwick, my brother.

And don't tell me you didn't think the same thing. ;)