Friday, August 21, 2009

Dream the Impossible Dream

Heading into the bottom of the 7th inning the score from Fenway is 16-7 Yankees.

Barring the most epic comeback in baseball history, a Tornado hitting down town Boston, or Youk taking on the entire Yankee bench and wiping them all out ala Bruce Lee this one is most likely a loss.

While I understand that the lack of timely hitting, some random luck, and I'm pretty sure the earth shifted on it's axis are to bear some of the blame, the brunt of the suck fest I've endured since arriving home from work falls square on the shoulders of Brad Penny.

He gives up 8 runs, threw everything down the middle of the plate to a great hitting club, and in general looked like a guy throwing BP to a group of 1st graders. Which is why, after the game, I fully expect Tito to walk into the locker room, rip off Penny's jersey and cap, give him a sawbuck for the cab and a kick in the tail for good measure and ship him off to parts unknown.

I then want him to take said jersey and cap, walk out onto Yawkey Way where Louis Tiant is selling sausages, telling stories, and smoking Cuban cigars. Give the jersey and the cap to Louis, tell him he can smoke that stinky thing on the pitchers mound if he wants, and be ready to go in 5 days.

'Cause there is no way what we'd get out of Tiant can be any worse than what we got tonight. Trying to fight and claw their way out of a hole, with their mortal enemy in town and fighting for their post season lives, Brad Penny comes out acting like he's throwing BP at the Old Timers game.

If a guy can live through the Castro regime, he can flipping get Slappy to hit one on the ground.

One of the biggest reasons I love this game is they play again tomorrow. And there ain't no day better than tomorrow. ANYTHING can happen. Anything.

So I'm gonna take solace in the fact my boys didn't quit, they didn't roll over, and they fought to the end. Win or lose, I'll always be proud of that.

And if Pedie wants to yell "FREEDOM" at the top of his lungs and cross body block Jeter at second base?

I got no problem with that, either.

'Cause if anyone wants to count this team out, let me just remind you of the 2004 ALCS. Down 0-3, and coming off their worse loss of the year, that team with the B on the front of their cap went out and did the impossible. And because of that one series?

ANYTHING is possible.


Tex said...

Ted. you need to put the crack pipe down ;)

Ted D said...

I'm just getting warmed up, sis. Yankee games plus my crazy kids plus all this heat? I'm slowly but surely losing it. ;)

Rich in the garage said...

I still didn't hear no flippin' bell.

Ted D said...


Tim said...

Ted, if you are the type that feels better knowing that someone else is worse off than you then this might help. I live 100 miles north of the heart of the evil universe, still deep in the heart of Yankee country. I am going to be at a BBQ today starting at 4, game time, hosted by a couple of Yankee lackeys with approx 8 other evil worshipers invited. The only sane people there will be me and my better half. As I write this I can feel the bile rising in my throat knowing the trash talk I will endure this afternoon and let me tell you after last nights beat down I am in no mood. Thoughts of how to get out of this torture are running through my mind. Should I act completely insane to a point where my wife and daughter slip something into my coffee, tie me up and lock me in the crawl space? Should I "mow the lawn" and accidentally chop off a toe or two? Both of these sound better than having to listen to the incessant gloating from a group of people who don't know the difference between earning a title and buying one. I know these are good people otherwise. I know the party is to kick of the school year for our daughters who are all going to their first year in the local Catholic High School. I know I have to go. I can only hope the Sox pull it together today, show some of that 04 spirit and kick some Yankee butt. Please pray for me but more importantly pray for the first Yankee fan who opens their yap and spouts some overdone yankee crap that the BBQ fork is not within my reach.

Ted D said...

Good luck, Tim! Just make sure the fork is plastic and count silently to ten and hopefully you'll be ok!

Tim said...

Ted, the only idea I could come up with was to bring lots of bail money. Yours is better. Thanks.

Rich in the garage said...

Tim, you don't bring the bail money, you leave it with Amy with a list of code words which will later be used for her to determine how much trouble you are actually in and if she should wake up Hayes.

Everyone knows that.

Ted D said...

OK, how does Tim know Hayes? I'm lost...

Rich in the garage said...

He doesn't but the more people that understand how our emergency plan works the more likely it is to implimented in a time of great peril.

Ted D said...