Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Future is Now

*Image courtesy of Kelly O @*

3 more days until Josh Beckett and the Red Sox open the 2010 season against the Yankees at Fenway Park.

Hopefully no more than 4 more days until the Sox announce the contract extension everyone from ESPN to the guy standing out on Lansdowne Street holding the "Free Mickey Mouse!" sign have been talking about the last few days.

'Cause a pitching staff composed of The Commander of the FU Brigade, Lester, Lackey, Buchholz, and Matsuzaka for the foreseeable future?

To quote the venerable Kenny Bana from Seinfeld?

It's Gold, Jerry!



Chrissy said...

Can't wait! :)

Ted D said...

Me neither, Chrissy!

Tex said...

yah when Josh and I were discussing his offer the other night, I told him he should get more but he said that he didn't want to appear like a greedy yankee player and just playing his years out here would make him the richest soul ever lived.

Well, that's what he told me in my dream

Ted D said...

You are starting to scare me just a little, sis.

Merritt by Design said...

OMG, can I have that pic of Josh? I cannot wait until Sunday!!

Ted D said...

Merritt, go to Kelly is a friend of mine and has a TON of fantastic pictures to view.

Merritt by Design said...

Will do, thanks!!