Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas already?

Christmas Communion at church, complete with Trot in the nursery, Ciera and her cousin Jared giggling during the sermon, and Rakes crawling under the pews?

Check. (I'm REALLY hoping he wasn't trying to look up the dresses of anyone sitting behind us. Truth is, I was too mortified to turn around and look).

Reading "The Night Before Christmas" and the story of Christ's birth with everyone right before bed?

Check. (Trot was alternating between doing somersaults in the living room floor and watching "The Grinch" on mute during all this, but at least there was no bloodshed so I let him be.

Getting all 3 kids in bed by 9 pm?

Check. (I've got to add that this was accomplished with threats of Santa taking toys away if they acted up and threatening Trot with deportation/military school if he didn't got to sleep post-haste.

Getting all the toys under the tree, avoiding fighting with Ang, and getting to bed at a half-way decent hour?

To be determined.

Merry Christmas everybody.


Tree Newt said...

You made it! Merry Christmas bro!

Ted D said...

Merry Christmas, Mattie!

Tex said...

Merry Christmas Ted. I'm utterly amazed Buzz and Captain Jack Sparrow figurines didn't find their way to that nice arrangement.

word verification is bledspl. heh

Ted D said...

They were there, Tex. I just moved them out before I took the picture. ;)

And Merry Christmas to you too, Sis.