Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day in Pictures

Trot was awake by 5:30 but we made him lay in the bed with us until Rakes and Ciera woke up at 7. I look like the walking dead at 7; can you imagine what I looked like at 5:30 in the freaking morning?

Ciera cleaned up with a portable DVD player, clothes, movies, and a little piece of her Dad's heart; Ang and I both noticed the magic of Christmas, for the first time, didn't get her this year. Getting old sucks.

Rakes got some video games, books, Indiana Jones and Power Ranger movies, and more stuff I can't remember right now. The little sucker even thanked us for his gifts and told me to tell Santa he said thanks too. I think it's the cough medicine he's on.

Trot, while loaded down with gifts, was more interested in the apples, oranges, Hershey kisses, and Pez Santa left in his stocking. I found a half eaten apple and 5 Kisses wrappers under the computer about 11 o'clock. I guess it's what I get for falling back asleep on the living room floor at around 8 o'clock.

Me and the rugrats, with Trot chomping on yet another apple after all the presents were tore apart. My eyes are now half-way open, which represented significant progress. It was approximately 5 minutes and 27 seconds later that I was sound asleep right there on the floor. I'm guessing by next year I'll just put sunglasses on and pretend I'm awake.

Several hours later, after naps, rest, and quiet time we all gathered at Mom and Dad's to spend some time with my family. After more food, more presents, and more noise than you'll find at the average Metallica concert, we all look remarkably well rested.

Merry Christmas, everybody.

My biggest wish is that you all were as happy today as I was.


Rich in the garage said...

You're life story is just about the best birth control I have every seen.

I was lucky to spend christmas eve with all of my family and especially my god son who is just old enough to run but not yet at the point of making coherent sentences. My mom has a big wooden elephant in the living room that he kept trying to feed which made me laugh hysterically.

Hope you and the little ones enjoyed your christmas.

I got a three pack for the bruins from my Parents which makes me BEYOND happy.

Birthday and vacation time in two weeks.

Tex said...

Sounds like ya had an awesome christmas morning. Glad to see your livingroom wasnt Christmas gone Wild with presents. Simple life keeps kids real. Sorry ciera is losing the magic but look at it this least you'll have help putting things together from now on?

Ted D said...

Rich, glad I can help. And tell your godson to stop feeding the animals. ;) And a 3 pack for the Bruins? Sweet.

Tex, we had a great day. And we don't over do it on Christmas; we want them to feel loved but I don't buy into the "overload" on Christmas day. And yeah, I'll have some help; but I'd rather have her stay little.

Brenken said...

That family picture in front of the tree is fabulous!
My 35 year old daughter still wakes up early on Christmas morning no matter how tired she is.
In the last couple of years my kids have started adding stocking stuffers to all the stockings (yes, the whole family still has a stocking hanging on the fireplace along with all the animals). They're taking away a little of our "Santa-ness" but it's very sweet.
I miss having little ones around the house for the holidays.

Ted D said...

Brenken, we've still got stocking for me and Ang too! And thanks for the comments; I love that picture too. Hope you and your family had a great Christmas.

Tree Newt said... you SLEEP in those jeans?

Ted D said...


Why do you ask? ;)

Bickley said...

We also had an awesome Christmas Day, although I have no pictures to show for it this time. I'm glad yours was good, and those are fantastic pictures. Very heart-warming. You have a beautiful family, Ted! You are blessed. I know you question that at do I. But we're both very, very blessed!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Ted D said...

Thanks Bickley. And I know it's tough to see sometimes, but yeah; I've been given more than I've ever deserved.

~**Dawn**~ said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, Ted, and that's just the way it should be. =)