Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I can bet you Ward Cleaver never had days like these.

The following events are true, taking place roughly an hour ago in my kitchen.

Rakes, sitting at the bar and coloring in his new Star Wars color book that Santa brought him, and myself had the following conversation.

Rakes: "Dad. Is Darth Vader's last name Darth? Or Vader?"

Me: "Skywalker, Rakes."

Rakes: "No Dad. That is LUKE'S name."

Me: "Darth Vader is his Dad, Rakes."

Rakes: "Dad?"

Me: "Yeah, son?"

Rakes: "Can I have a Dr. Pepper?"

Mind you, he never looked up from his coloring. Not once. I felt like I was starring in a movie by Ed Wood being filmed by the Candid Camera crew the whole time.

I can't wait until he asks me where baby's come from.


Tex said...

so when you tell him, he'll look at you blankly and then ask for a Dr Pepper. OH speaking of DP...tell Rakes that Dr Peppers were originally made in none OTHER than

the great state of


Ted D said...

Why does this development not surprise me in the least?

Tex said...

well, it IS all about Texas ya know

Bickley said...

Waco, to be exact...and the best Dr Pepper is still made in Dublin. Yummmm....

And what, exactly, are you going to tell him when he asks that fateful question? Hee....something about angels, storks and cabbage patches, right? "Son...when a Mommy and Daddy love each other...and then they have a Dr Pepper..."'s late and I'm tired.

Bickley said...

Dublin, TEXAS, I should say...lest there be any confusion. :-)

Ted D said...

You had me confused there for a minute, Bickley. :)

As for what will I tell him? Probably something along the lines of "Go ask your Mother".

Tex said...

you tell him that babies are homegrown with love seeds in fertile ground. and that is ALL you tell him till he's old enough to know.

like when he's 50

Ted D said...

That sounds like a good plan, Tex. I'm going with it.

Rich in the garage said...

Leave the baby talks to good old uncle Rich in the Garage.

I've got a fantasic collection of DVD's on the subject.

Ted D said...

Dear Uncle Rich,

Stay as far away from my kids as possible.



~**Dawn**~ said...

I can't wait til he tells you where *he* thinks babies come from, the way his mind works!!

Ted D said...

Why do you people continue to torture me? ;)