Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pre School needs a new Casting Director

Due to the fact that Trot was still sick, Ciera spent the afternoon riding the porcelain train in her bathroom (thanks to the aforementioned demon child) and somebody had to stay home and play Janitor I found myself taking Rakes to his pre-school Christmas Pageant this afternoon.

When I hear he's got a part in a Christmas play, I naturally think of the Grinch, Heat Miser, or Mr. Scrooge when it involves Rakes. You can imagine my shock when I discovered he was cast as one of the wise men who brought gifts to the Baby Jesus. Talk about going against typecast; this was like DeNiro being asked to play Moses, Will Ferrell getting the lead in "A Beautiful Mind", or Whoopi Goldberg as a basketball coach. Wait a minute....

I digress. For whatever reason, my 5 year old bundle of energy, twitches, and a voice born to one day be an auctioneer found himself wearing a crown, a grin, and a look of bad intentions as he walked down the middle of the sanctuary toward the manger scene this afternoon.

Couple that with the conversation we had a few hours before and you'll see why I was JUST a bit nervous.

Me: "So, you're a wise man. Which gift are you bringing?"

Rakes: "What are you talking about, Dad?"

Me: "Is your gift Gold, Frankincense, or Myrrh?"

Rakes: (After a good 15 second pause, and with more than a touch of irritation in his voice) "It's green, Dad."

Sure enough, as I watched closely just in case I needed to sprint to the front and save some innocent child unlucky enough to be in his way, Rakes calmly laid a green box down in front of the cradle where the thankfully fake baby lay.

Just when I think I've got the boy figured out, he changes the rules.

After the play, the kids had the opportunity to have their picture made with Santa. I've gotta come clean here; I was more than a little nervous about how this would all end. Fortunately, Rakes was on his best behavior and Santa didn't show any fear; otherwise this may have been on the homepage of CNN tomorrow morning.

Although he did want to know why he didn't ask what Rakes wanted for Christmas, how come his beard was a different color than his hair, and why didn't his beard "stick" like mine does.

What can I say?

The boy is quick.


Tree Newt said...

Any Dalton, outside Dad, as a wise man is a bit of a stretch, isn't it? But if I had to bet on another "wise" one of our brood, Rakes would get the nod. He looks the part of a natural in his crown!

And at least he sat with Santa. Tonight, when I asked CR how Santa would know what she wanted unless she went and told him, she calmly replied, "You tell him, Dad."

Wisdom, indeed.

Tex said...

"with more than a touch of irritation in his voice"

You'll be hearing more of that tone as he gets "wiser".

and now that Trot is able to create just as much damage..i think Rakes has turned over the scepter to his brother as Reigning Terror Man :)

Cute story and I think Newt's daughter is pretty smart too

Ted D said...

You make a good point, Mattie. But Rakes did look the part. And that is a pretty smart niece I've got. Hope you guys are getting settled in OK.

Tex, yeah I sort of figured that it's just starting and the torch may have indeed been passed although I'm not ready to write it in stone.

Beth said...

I think he looks like a little angel! You are surely exaggerating his adventures!

Ted D said...

Beth, a lotta of people thought John Gotti was a good looking man.

I'm just sayin'...