Friday, December 5, 2008

My Friday Nights didn't used to be this exciting.

As a married father of 3, you don't exactly paint the town red on the weekends anymore. Usually I'm breaking up the latest round of the Fight That Won't End between Rakes and Trot and listening to Ciera give me her latest breathless report on what the Jonas Brothers have been up to.

Tonight, Trot spent the night with his Grandparents and Ang and I took Rakes and Ciera to the latest incarnation of "Disney on Ice" featuring The Incredibles. Besides the horde of rugrats in the building and the $12 dollar plastic sword Rakes just HAD to have it wasn't all that bad.

Well, except for the cheesy dialogue, incessant hawking of all things Disney and that little kid 2 rows behind us whacking some sort of Thunder Stick every 3.7 seconds. Other than that? It was better than going to the Dentist and worse than getting a splinter under your fingernail.

Although at one point I did lean over to Ang and promise to buy a Mrs. Incredible outfit for her in the very near future.

So at least something good came out of the evening.


Tree Newt said...

Dude, I bet that was THUNDERDOME! Elmo and Friends was wild enough for me. Seems you survived mostly unscathed, however.

Ted D said...

You know me, Mattie. I never show what's underneath the surface.

One day I maybe can tell the whole story.

Redbeard76 said...

There's nothing a few $5 coliseum brews can't fix.

Ted D said...

No alcohol is served at the kids events down here, Redbeard. We still have dry counties all through the state.

Rich in the garage said...

No beer and you had to sit through that whole thing?

You sir are a saint.

...or you own a flask.

Ted D said...

No flask, Rich. I'm trying to block it from my memory... although Mrs. Incredible was pretty hot.

Tex said...

::packs for trip to NC::
earplugs - check
flask - check
number/name of nearest liquor store - check
wad of cash to pay off Ciera and Rakes - check
bag of candy to pay off Trot - check

Hey Ted...did i miss anything?

Ted D said...

Yeah. When in the world are you coming so I can warn the neighbors?