Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pray he doesn't answer your 911 call.

While I was getting Trot out of his car seat after they got home from church tonight, he kept rambling about "my hat". I thought he was talking about my Red Sox cap, which I honor Burt Reynold's "Bandit" character by adhering to the motto of "this hat only comes off for one thing".

Thankfully he was referring to his Fireman's hat which was laying in the basket beside the van. After repeated attempts by his Mom to let me wear his and him wear mine, we came to a compromise; he would actually smile for a picture with me, just as long as each of us wore our OWN hats.

I can't tell you if I wore the fireman's hat and not much of anything else later or Ang will kill me.

Let's just say me and The Bandit are still friends and leave it at that.

In other news, the Yankees signed CC Sabbathia to a 6 year, $160 million dollar contract when the next reported offer was roughly $60 million dollars less.

Why do I get the feeling we'll be seeing him on a future season of "Celebrity Fit Club"?

God Bless the Yankees; signing the guy who looks like he's one biscuit away from 300 lbs to a guaranteed 6 year deal when he's only going to pitch in roughly 35 games and can't pitch in the post season to save his life.

This has the makings of a what were they thinking documentary written all over it.


Tex said...

the spankees are desperate. period.
it is freezing cold here...finally winter time

Ted D said...

You mean Texas allows winter? ;)

Tex said...

i had sleet on my car this morning.
im in north texas right now...heading back tomorrow afternoon.
im tard. night

HorshamScouse said...

The Y*****s are trying to corner the market in past-it, overweight, injury-prone pitchers. I like the Sox mix of late-twenties maturing pitchers and developing young arms well worth their place in any MLB rotation.

Oh, and the fireman's hat looks better on Trot than it would on you :)

My verification word: hottli!

Ted D said...

Say's you, Horsham. I happen to think I make a fine fireman.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am personally hoping CC's arm falls off around mid-May after all those complete games he threw last year. I didn't want him in Boston, but I would have preferred he stay out west and/or in the NL.

I am still in deep denial about Tek not being signed & the implications of a Teixeira signing... =(

Ted D said...

Dawn, I still think Tek comes back and the Tex talk could be just smoke to keep the Yankees at bay. I would like it to be done, one way or another though. I hate the Hot Stove.

Rich in the garage said...

CC Sabathia is about 2 donuts shy of effecting the tide.

Ted D said...

I was going to say 2 biscuits Rich, but donuts works too.