Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

I found this picture tonight while I was rummaging through my dresser drawer looking for Rakes' wallet.

Don't ask; yes he's 5. And yes he has a wallet. Inside of which resides canceled credit cards, expired drivers license's and my library card from 1988. Plus his paycheck, whatever that means.

I'd sort of forgotten about this picture, taken at the height of my mullet and 6 months before I'd move back to NC, ask Ang out to dinner, and stumble into the rest of my life complete with kids, mortgages, and more worries than I ever imagined possible.

What struck me most was how freaking young I look; taking a peek at the mirror tonight, I hardly recognize that young punk with the horrible hair cut. Back then, I thought of nothing more than what was happening right now; today? I think about college funds, 401K's, and pray they never reinstate the draft for my boys sake.

I wonder what I'd say to the 20 year old me, besides "Get a haircut; you look like a complete dink". I reckon I'd tell him to enjoy it while it lasts, because along with adulthood comes a whole new set of worries and problems. I'd most likely tell him to quit taking himself so seriously and that girl you've been losing sleep over? You'll forget her name as soon as you kiss that woman you're meant to be with. And those friends? As good as they are, they won't hold a candle to the ones you'll meet down the road.

The more I think about, there really isn't anything I'd say; most likely that hard headed know it all wouldn't listen anyway. Besides, the bottom line is the road I travelled ended here.

With Ang, the kids, and the life I have now.

So if I've gotta put up with having a monumentally bad hair style to get to where I am today?

I can live with that.


Tree Newt said...

Whoah. I forgot about that one. Bro, those were some BAD doos we had back then.

Young isn't the word. 20? Not quite. Try 17. And yeah, I was a dink. We all were. Just look at us!

As to the big brother beside me, I'd say "Don't ever lose that kid that I see in that pic." I see him every now and then. I'd say don't lose so much sleep over 401ks and the draft. You serve a God a LOT bigger than any of that!

And as to losing sleep over the seem to have forgotten that the jerk immediately to my left in said picture ended up making a move on "that girl I'd been losing sleep over." Uhhhh....yeah....thanks for that one!

I was a putz/dink/doofus. We all were. And bro, we BOTH ended up with a lot more than we deserve.

But then again: that's grace!

And I had the better mullet, Billy Ray.

JMP said...

You are so STYLIN' in that pic!

AH... lost youth......I hardly remember it!!! Yet I would go back in a heartbeat....especially now!!!

Tree Newt said...

Oh, and what was UP with my glasses? Was I planning on landing planes from open cockpits with those things?

I miss Gibson and Johnnie. Man, that was AGES ago. Ages.

Ted D said...

Mattie, I forgot about it too. Especially the girl you are talking about. Honest to God I can't remember her name. But I was 20; and I guess you were 17. Seems like AGES ago. I wish I could see that kid again sometimes; seems like forever since I did. What a long strange trip it's been.

JMP. Stylin would mean I had some sense of what looked good. I'm pretty sure that picture will dispell any notion of that. ;)

Krystle said...

Oh man, after not having power for almost 5 days. It feels good to be reading blogs, not smell like a skunk AND oh yeah watch TV.

Which one are you...wait, I just don't even want to know. =D!

Rich in the garage said...

Now we know why the whole house was throwing up.

Ted D said...

Krystle, I'm probably all the above.

Rich, you're a young man; you'll have days like this one day.

Rich in the garage said...

Rich, you're a young man; you'll have days like this one day.


Im balding and going gray man.

I'll be 23 in less than a month and I am positive ill be rocking the monk do before long.

Ted D said...

Balding AND gray?

Suddenly I feel much better about my advanced years.

Redbeard76 said...

Nice mullet, Elmer! LOL

Of course I have my equally embarrassing 90s mushroom head haircut photos, none of which will be publicly released willingly. :)

Rich in the garage said...

Where's the Camaro mullet man?

Ted D said...

Redbeard, the 80's was a scary, scary time.

No Camaro, Rich. I drove a burnt orange and brown Silverado pick up truck complete with an equalizer, a no smoking sign "borrowed" from Chuck E. Cheese, and a leather bench seat.

Rich in the garage said...

No gun rack our couch in the back?

What kind of southerner are you?

Tree Newt said...

It was a 76 Custom Deluxe, not a Silverado. And it came complete with rusted out hood and a tailgate that wouldn't close.

Bro, I can't believe you don't remember that whole debacle on that trip! It was Sheri's friend Lisa's kid.

C'mon. Fess up.

Ted D said...

Rich, it was when I was living in Oklahoma; we left the gun racks and sofas for the Texans.(Kidding Tex!)

Mattie, you're right; a custom deluxe. And I remember the trip, just chose to avoid it! ;)

Tex said...

he's right...gun racks are normal for trucks in Texas.

nice haircut. ::snickers::

Ted D said...

Tex, I gotta figure there are some slightly embarrassing pictures of you floating around out there. I'm making it my life mission to find them.

And then blackmail you for "One MILLION Dollars!"

Bickley said...

That's a great picture!!! I love it! Is that a "Boston" t-shirt under that denim? Dude, you look like a rock star! Heheheh...

Ted D said...

Aerosmith, Bickley. You gotta love the 80's.