Saturday, December 13, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

Trot is throwing up and doing his best impression of someone with Dengue fever.

Rakes spent the last 3 hours re-enacting the latest episode of WWE Raw with our Nativity Scene. Thankfully he left Baby Jesus alone. I guess even lunatics have a breaking point.

Ciera's best friend is moving 5 hours away to Virginia and let's just say she's not taking it well.

I'm pretty sure I said hello to Ang at least once this week, but don't hold me to it.

It's December, the Yankees are signing anyone with a pulse to a contract, and I'm sitting at the computer at 10 pm on a Saturday night watching "Pulp Fiction".

I miss baseball.


Sarah said...

1) I'm sorry about Trot. Although since you're in North Carolina, and you actually GOT snow there, I'm going to go ahead and guess that he probably does NOT have dengue fever. You know, since I study the vector that transmits that disease. :)

2) I'm so glad that Rakes has the capacity for compassion. You must be so proud!

3) I really really feel for Ciera. When I was her age, I switched to a different school across town, and I did the same for high school as well. It's tough to leave those people with whom you've grown up. Here's a tip - if she wants the phone, let her have it.

4) Your last few entries dedicated to the Yankees' acquisitions are hysterical. And you called Burnett a basket case... ;)

Ted D said...

Sarah, good to know on the dengue fever. I gotta admit I was a little nervous.

I have to say Rakes surprised me; he kept Baby Jesus above the fray. And Ciera is just hitting that stage of pre-teen; I really felt bad for her.

And Burnett IS a basket case. ;)

Bickley said...

Thanks for that video, Ted! I needed that tonight. Love you, man!