Friday, December 26, 2008

Is Huey Lewis in charge of the marketing department?

Every year my Mom buys the kids the MLB and NFL ornament showcased at Hallmark. In years past we've had Cal Ripken, Barry Bonds, and Big Papi just to name a few.

This year? Nomie. 4 years removed from his trade to the Cubs and 6 years from his last good year, Nomar Garciaparra was the featured ornament for the Christmas season. In a league full of guys like Albert Pujols, Dustin Pedroia, Prince Fielder, and Matt Holiday the face of MLB for every person who darkened a Hallmark store this holiday season was Nomar.

A guy who played in around 50 games, who seemingly can't walk to the mailbox without tearing a hamstring, and unless you are a die hard baseball fan is more known for being married to that soccer player who tore her jersey off after winning a game a few years back is a freaking Christmas tree ornament.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. If Ang had rejected Trot as a name for our son Nomar was the next one on my list.

It just made me wonder; do people actually pay attention to what is going on? Is the person responsible for making these decisions taking drugs? Or just a die hard Red Sox fan wishing for one more year of Nomar manning SS and raking line drives off the Monster?

My heart tells me the latter.

My head tells me I need to be committed for even wondering about all this stuff.

In a few days it'll be 2009 and we'll be inching closer to Spring Training, the WBC, and next May's Megapalooza.

I just gotta figure out a way to hold on in the meantime.


sittingstill said...

Careful with that ornament, Ted--I bet it, too, breaks if you look at it funny. ^_^

(BTW, it wasn't Mia Hamm who tore off her shirt, it was Brandi Chastain.)

Glad you survived Christmas!

Tex said...

is it me or does it look like Nomar has a chip on his shoulder?

Ted D said...

LOL Kelly! It's going in bubble wrap as soon as we take down the tree. And thanks for the correction; to be honest I was taking a wild guess anyways. Christmas was easy; it's the rest of the year that's hard. ;)

Tex, I think you may be right.

Bickley said...

We were in Kohl's yesterday, looking at Christmas ornaments (we forgot to buy a new one for this year). They had an awful lot of the Nomar ornaments left over. I'll just hang on to my Nomar Red Sox bobblehead that my friend found at a dollar store. Heh.

Ted D said...

Good choice, Bickley. Hope you had a great Christmas.

Beth said...

The clerk at the Hallmark store (an Angels' fan) pointed out that the track record on the subjects of these ornaments is not good. They usually end up hurt the next year! So watch out Nomar!

Ted D said...

The curse of the Hallmark ornament!