Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome to the Red Sox Offseason

While the Yankees are signing every available player who can fog a mirror while breathing on it, all has been quiet from Red Sox Headquarters.

Since Theo and Company are about as talkative as the CIA when it comes to what in the world they're thinking, this isn't a completely unexpected development. But watching CC, Burnett, Tex, and the head janitor for the Kansas City Royals sign multi-million dollar deals with the MFY, it's be nice to see SOMETHING coming out of the Bat Cave.

I don't care if it's the announcement they are re-upping Tek, bringing back Manny, or adding 37 more seats to Fenway situated right behind the pitchers mound, just give me something.

Tell me Schilling is coming back as designated quote for the CHB, Millar is being signed as the new first base coach/designated naked guy to ruin any post game locker room interviews, or Luis Tiant has been hired to try and light Tito's shoes on fire every game. I just want SOME sort of news regarding the Olde Town Team.

The Royals and the Reds are making headlines right now for Pete's sake, and the team whose won 2 championships in the past 4 years is doing it's best impression of a mob informant on the witness stand.

They do realize we are around 4 months away from Opening Day and don't have a SINGLE CATCHER ON THE ROSTER right?

In the back of my mind I realize this team came within one game of the World Series and buying the fantasy league equivalent of a major league roster promises exactly NOTHING. But it sure would make me feel better to read "The Boston Red Sox have signed......" in my paper tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, we're waiting on the arrival of a certain Englishman from New Zealand to arrive for a visit; safe travels 'Scouser.

It'll be great to see you again.


Tex said...

Worry will get you nothing but frown lines and an ulcer. I'll save my worrying to when the season starts. Besides i think you're worrying enough for both of us.

Hug HS for me

Ted D said...

Tex, I think I am. Consider it a present from your little brother. ;)

And I'll give John a hand shake for you; I'll let Ang give him the hug. ;)

Tex said...

Im really sad, jealous and feel bad HS is making 2 trips before my first!!

but you understand life gets in the way

Ted D said...

I understand, Tex. And don't be sad; there is only one Tex. You just let me know when you are on the way; it'll give me time to tell the kids and warn the authorities. ;)

Tex said...

warn the authorities? why? cos rakes and trot will have new ways they've learned to terrorize the neighborhood after visiting with Auntie Tex?

Ted D said...

I'm honestly scared to imagine what will happen after you visit. The possibilities are endless.

Tex said...

you may be surprised. ill bring angeldust that turns them all into loveable little boys that obey their parents and their wandering hands turn into dogooders.

NOT. :)

Ted D said...

Not buying it, Tex. Good try though. ;)

Beth said...

I hope you and John are enjoying your play date!

Ted D said...

We're having a blast, Beth!