Monday, December 8, 2008

Move over Miley.

Usually I'm ranting about Rakes and Trot's latest antics or giving my completely uniformed opinion on the Red Sox which results in most cases with me being 100% completely wrong. My daughter Ciera gets kept out of most discussions, mainly because she's the only normal one of us in the bunch.

Frequently however there are occasions where she makes me very proud to be her father, and last night at our church the kids put on their Christmas program. Ciera had a prominent role in a play that somehow tied in a spelling bee, my nephew Jarod doing his best Erkel impression, and the birth of Jesus with several songs put in for good measure.

I'm not really sure how it all tied in, seeing that there was no child care provided, Rakes was alternating between sitting beside me and laying under the pew and Ang was wrestling with Trot one row behind us. The highlight of the night from the audience was when Trot broke free and got down front, only to turn back a few seconds later with Angie right behind him as he sprinted for the rear of the church. As he passed me, he grinned from ear to ear and in a voice loud enough to raise the dead declared "Me donna do PEE now, Dad!"

Thankfully I lost the "utterly mortified" gene a LONG time ago.

Ciera is 10 going on 30, growing up entirely too fast, and last night was her very last Christmas play as a child. Next year she moves on to middle school, where I've got a whole new series of worries to deal with.

I'm not gonna think about that tonight, though.

I'm just going to remember that Angel I watched last night.


Tex said...

Absolutely adorable. And I'm sure the crowd loved Trot too :)

Ted D said...

He got a few laughs, Tex. Although they were along the "I sure am glad he's not mine" variety.

JMP said...

Ciera was wonderful!!! You and Angie must have been thrilled to see her do that.

Hope Trot made it to the Men's room in time!!!!LOLOLOLO

Ted D said...

JMP, we were really proud of her. She had some speaking parts as well but I couldn't get the camera working fast enough.

He made it. Barely, but he made it.

HorshamScouse said...

That's one gorgeous girl Ted. No wonder you're so proud of her.

And I loved "completely uniformed opinion" even if it was deliberate. :)

Sarah said...

And Ciera finally gets her due :) Very cute!

I was thinking about an entry you made several days ago, and I can't BELIEVE no one said this. In 11 years, Ciera will be in her 20s, and your boys will be in their TEENS. Think about it, and GOOD LUCK! ;)

Ted D said...

Thanks, John. And it was totally unintentional! Man I'm an idiot.

Sarah, Ciera is great. And I've been trying to block what you wrote all these years. I'll send you my shrinks bill. ;)

Tree Newt said...

I can't believe your little girl is that grown up. I still remember seeing her with you for the first time, 10 years ago. Nuts. I know you're proud, bro! You should be!

And hey! You've been giving me your uniformed opinion for years!

Ted D said...

I am, Mattie. She's a great kid.

And this whole uniformed thing is a direct result of not being able to get on the computer until 9:30 pm. But I'm glad it's making people smile.

Christine E. said...


How nice to hear from you today! And I totally understand about the life getting the in way thing...LOL

Ciera did WONDERFUL! I am proud for her--and you...:-)

Yeah, heard about our teenage friend--feel like kind of an idiot for believing she was on the up and up--but I would rather live my life believing that people are good, rather than the opposite..:-)

I am concerned about the whole "new uniform thing too" hopefully they don't suck too bad...

Hope you and your are well..and I will try to get here more often too...

How many day until baseball??


Ted D said...

Hi Christine! Good to see you. And thanks for the comments on Ciera; I'm really proud of her.

We're all good; just running around like crazy. And I'm not too sure on when baseball starts, but it can't get here soon enough.

Cyn said...

This is all kinds of awesome, Ted!

Ted D said...

Thanks, Cyn. I was one more proud Dad Sunday night.