Saturday, April 3, 2010

And I'm Free. Free Fallin'.

As I stood in my kitchen tonight watching Rakes and Trot decorating Easter eggs while I silently inventoried all my "lucky" Sox stuff I needed to get out of storage (hat, t-shirts, AAA game ball from a Bulls game and "The Great Unwashed (don't ask), Ange was telling me about the Easter egg hunt at church the kids attended earlier in the day.

Amidst the unmistakable cracking of boiled eggs and the two of them arguing like miniature Felix and Oscar's over whose egg was whose and asking me pertinent questions like "Where does the Easter Bunny live?" and " If I hide this egg in my closet will it stink?" Ange was telling me about the conversation she had with her Cousin Eddie (I've mentioned him before) and his wife Julie at the egg hunt today.

See, they are the parents of a beautiful, sweet little girl of about 2 and they recently announced they are having a second child later this year. As they told Ange today about how much the baby's chin looked like Cousin Eddie's (Angie's cousin, not Randy Quaid, although that in and of itself would be pretty awesome) and how much her eyes looked like Julie's and how grateful they were that their little girl was such a great mix of the two of them Ange looked around to see where Trot had gotten off too.

With the look that only a Mother can have for her youngest child Ange gazed upon the following sight.

Trot, standing on his head, feet flapping around 3 feet off the ground while he sticking out his tongue at a little girl in his class who he'd apparently bull rushed out of the way on his quest to pick up some eggs.

I have no idea what that says about myself or Ange and it makes me question whether the hospital made a mistake for about the 5 millionth time but I'm pretty sure the statute of limitations has ran out by now and for better or worse we're stuck with him.

At this point I'm fairly certain he may be part Lab.

24 more hours until First Pitch.

Looks like I'll make it in the nick of time.


Merritt by Design said...

Ted as long as Trot does not lick himself in person you are ok!!

Ted D said...

You think so? Still worries me. ;)