Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maybe I should finally buy a lottery ticket.

I gotta admit when Ang informed me she was going to be a chaperon on Ciera's 6th grade field trip to D.C. I was momentarily filled with dread at the thought of being alone with the two demented boys in that picture.

One looks like he's ready to shiv you, only he's wearing dinosaur pajamas and the other one looks like he just had a lobotomy and is wearing cowboy boots without socks. Don't tell me you wouldn't feel just a TAD nervous about being by yourself in a house with the two of them?

Thankfully, my wonderful wife arranged for Trot to spend the night at her parents house so it was just me, Rakes, and "Survivor" with a check on the Red Sox game every 2.3 minutes, much to his annoyance.

Haven't heard anything from the girls in Washington so I'm hoping Ang is keeping every one of those puberty addled lame brain boys away from Ciera and according to the schedule they'll be home around 9 tomorrow night.

Basically, Ang has Ciera, my in-laws have Trot, Rakes has been asleep for over an hour now, and I've had the game on with nobody needing ANYTHING all night.

Other than the fact the boys lost this whole field trip thing is working out pretty well.

Something tells me I'm gonna end up paying for all this good Karma someday soon.

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