Sunday, April 18, 2010

It ain't the 4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse. But it's close.

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4 game losing streaks call for drastic measures like growing a Fu-Man Chu, everyone on the team switching underwear, and Dustin Pedroia throwing everyone hitting under the Mendoza line in JB's wood chipper.

I went the less controversial route of changing the picture in my header to Beckett who is more than doing his part. The aforementioned Elf is hitting somewhere around .950 and The Captain has 3 Home Runs and apparently spent his off season having everyone of his body parts replaced with the same stuff Lee Majors got in "The Six Million Dollar Man".

Tomorrow is Patriot's Day, which means the game starts at 11 a.m. and I need to administer Trot's tranquilizer, er... give him his snack, around 10. Lackey is on the hill and tonight before I lay my head to sleep I'm gonna ask God for him to have a 96 mph fastball and the nerves of a gunfighter. At the risk of getting greedy I'm also going to ask for Carl Crawford to tear a hamstring, BJ Upton to run into the garage door in CF and a breaking ball bounce right up into Evan Longorias gibleys during his first a/b.

In other words, I'd REALLY like to see a win.

'Cause I'm pretty sure Tito is going to flip out otherwise.


gojohn said...

yes I'd like a win...I'd also like to be able to afford tickets to a Red Sox game again so maybe we need a bad season to reduce ticket demand?!

Ted D said...

Hey John. This has been a tough start to the year and today isn't helping any.

gojohn said...

No Ted, another horrible game. I guess they are due to turn it around against Texas... we can hope!

Ted D said...

Let's hope so, John. Let's hope so.