Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rakes gets LOST. God help me.

Ang fell asleep last night watching LOST and to catch up, watched the last 30 minutes on TiVo today.

While Rakes and Trot were sitting right beside her.

When Desmond ran over Locke in his wheelchair and sped off, these were the following two comments from the Peanut gallery.

Rakes: "Why did he do that, Mom?"

Trot: "Mom, I wanna do THAT!"

So now I've got Trot wanting to get catapulted through the air while riding in a wheelchair and Rakes asking me non-stop questions about a show I've seen every episode of and STILL don't understand. He's already asked me if Santa can bring him the box set for Christmas; how does a 6 year old even know what a box set IS?

These are the things that don't happen when I'm home; the television is on the Red Sox game, they are watching Spongebob or beating each other up with the box from our "Candyland" game or driving me crazy by going to the bathroom and NEVER flushing the flipping toilet while leaving on every light, fan, and electronic device I own, causing my power meter to do it's best impression of Catagory 5 Hurricane force winds.

Whoever in the MLB front office decided it was a great idea to schedule all these day games this early on in the season has got a gibley punch coming their way.


Merritt by Design said...

At least we won. :-)

Ted D said...

Yes we did, Merritt. :)