Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Ulcer say's Thank You for the Wake Up Call

According to Theo, the Red Sox off season signings were going to significantly upgrade the teams defense and pitching.

He could have just signed Tanner Boyle for a carton of Camel Lights and a 6 pack of Coors and gotten the same result.

Baseball is a game played by human beings. And even perennial Gold Glove players make errors. And I'm the first to admit I probably couldn't play catch with the average major league player without dropping 3 out of every 10 throws.

But when you start off the season playing 2 of your most hated rivals in the first 4 series and it looks like filming of "The Bad News Bears Start a Major League Franchise" is underway it sort of crawls all over your nerves.

Although Scutaro hitting that bomb over the Monster sort of helps.

Maybe one day I'll actually get a life and this game I love won't mean so much, especially in the first 2 weeks of a 6 month season.

Somehow though?

I seriously doubt it.


Rich in the Garage said...

...Ted were you almost CRITICAL of the sox?

Are you feeling ok buddy?

Ted D said...

Momentary lapse of judgment, Jr. I'm fine but a win would sure help my state of mind.

ThatBaseballGuy said...

I feel your pain...Scutaro and Cameron are a joke. The bullpen is horrid.

Ted D said...

Pen is rough right now, but I'm not worried about the defense long term; it's just tough to watch right now.