Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Never. Gets. Old.

*Photo courtesy of Kelly O' and*

Man, was it nice to see this last night.

If you'd told me that Darnell McDonald would have been the hero I'd have said one thing; who in God's name is Darnell McDonald? Home Run to tie it and a wall ball to walk off in the bottom of the ninth and all of a sudden the sun is shining in Red Sox Nation again.

And not for nothing? One of the first guys out to pound him into oblivion?

Big Papi.

*Editors Note: I may have been wrong about Papi being there but I was SURE I saw him. Man, do I hope I was right.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm pretty sure that poor guy suffered heart failure, seeing Papelbon & Youk charging him! I don't even think he realized he won it til he was round 2B! Man, we needed a feel-good game like that!

Ted D said...

Dawn, it looked like a cattle stampede! And yes, we needed that.

Stacy said...

Mom told me their record today. :) The boys needed to win one for Betty. Don't want the pacemaker getting too much of a workout.

Tex said...

Darnell McDonald. Even sounds like a great baseball players name!!

Ted D said...

Stacy, MOM had to tell you their record? You gotta keep up.

And Tex; it's a GREAT baseball name.