Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010: The Year of the Mulligan

Due to massive amounts of injuries, Theo's proclamation last winter about a "bridge year" and good old fashioned bad luck I hereby declare the 2010 MLB season to be one massive DO OVER.

The Sox will be golfing come the playoffs and strangely enough?

I'm OK with that.

But this guy?

(Thanks to Kelly and for the pic)

And THIS guy?

(Again, thanks to the ever awesome Kelly O' for the shot)

I'd REALLY like to see them come out next year spitting fire, crapping brimstone, and doing their best impression of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.

If it's not to much to ask.


Tex said...

I'm going to hunt down the two of them during the off-season and offer some of my advice (in other words, light a fire under their arse)

Seriously....this year I felt like that little kid of divorced parents whose dad keeps promising to do things...and then canceling on him at the last minute. I hate getting my hopes up only to be crushed.
I HATE the letters D and L now

Rich in the Garage said...

We should sue them for breach of contract. If they do well they want more money...well they both stunk, will they take less?

Ted D said...

Good way to put it, Tex. And Jr, not sure it'll happen. But it's a great idea in theory.

Tex said...

How bout we put into pitchers contracts, for every loss they cause they return $50,000?

I'm rooting for the Rangers and anyone else playing the Yankees. I know the Rays piss me off but Id rather them move on than the Yankees.

So will the Rangers play whoever is in 1st place in our division?

Ted D said...

I think it depends on who finishes with the worse record. Usually the Wild Card plays the Division winner with the best record, but since the WC is coming out of the East they won't.