Saturday, September 4, 2010

If you're gonna screw up, screw up BIG.

As I opened the door leading outside to the garage this morning I was greeted with a smell that sent me back to the days of changing diapers and my first thought was "Trot killed a squirrel and put it in the garage to show me".

Sort of like a dog does if it catches some random animal with it's pants down in the backyard.

After a cursory look around the garage I chalked it up to some bad garbage in the trash can and headed to work, where I was when Ange called me about 30 minutes later.

Turns out when I used the air compressor to blow up Ciera's bike tires on TUESDAY night I unplugged the freezer in the garage. Sue me; I thought it was the battery to Rakes' go-cart.

I'm sad to report that a frozen chicken, a package of bacon, several containers of my Mom's home made soup and a bag of Pizza Rolls didn't make it.

After spraying 2/3rds of a can of Lysol and leaving the garage door up along with putting the can outside you can actually go into the garage now and your eyebrows don't immediately singe off your head.

You can see my boys get it honest.

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