Sunday, September 5, 2010


Turns out Scenic Lowell has been playing with a busted rib since August 20th.

Of course he has.

If there is one guy who embodies the 2010 season for the Boston Red Sox, it's Mike Freaking Lowell.

After all the injuries, all the pitching issues, all the blown leads and extra innings losses combined with the Yankees and Rays seemingly never losing I'd have totally understood if the boys had just packed it up and started planning vacations to Hilton Head a month ago.

But they didn't.

Especially Mike Lowell.

No matter how this season ends up?

They packed a lunch and showed up every single day.

There aren't a whole lot of other teams when faced with the same circumstances would have done the same.


Tex said...

I'm telling you it's The Year of the DL
I dont know who screwed who but somehow karma came back to bite us this year. I wouldnt ever give up but I tell ya after being knocked out time after time after time after time after time...and still getting up to fight is a true sign of a DirtDog team: The Red Sox

Ted D said...

Amen, sis. Amen.

Rich in the Garage said...

Some of them did Ted. One Jacoby Elsburry did not.

HorshamScouse said...

It's less than three until the Winter Meetings. The Sox should be in the market for a new medical team.

And the guy from Major League with the chicken bones.

Ted D said...

Whether Ellsbury could have played or not I have to think the Lowell thing may be the final word on Ellsbury in Boston. May be wrong, but I think he's dealt in the off season. And Scouser, not even Jobu would have helped this year.

BB said...

getting rid of ellsbury would be a huge mistake. 72 stolen bases last year. he'll be back, better hope it's in a red sox uniform.

Ted D said...

BB, I'm just not sure every one of his teammates would welcome him back. Like I said, I may be wrong but it would surprise me if he's back.

BB said...

they welcomed david wells.
youk and pedroia are budy-buddy with jeter, papi and aroid hug all the time, what makes you think they don't like ellsbury? i don't see it.

he's a game changer - once he's on base the pitchers start peeing their pants, i want him to come back (healthy).

Ted D said...

I think that the whole rib injury thing combined with him rehabbing in Arizona, along with some comments guys like Youk made, along with Lowell playing with a fractured rib, may just make it tough for him to come back. I agree, he's a game changer when he's on base but if the right deal is there I think they take it. Just my opinion, but I think it's 50/50.

HorshamScouse said...

It's the getting on base part that was beginning to be a problem last season. Not enough evidence this was fixed this year. A lead off hitter who only gets on base every Preston Guild (Google it) is not much help, no matter how good a base stealer/baserunner he is. Team chemistry is a whole nother thang.

OTOH, verification word: bionske so he may morph into bionic man for next year.