Friday, September 10, 2010

Hair Metal Never Dies. It Lives On In My Wedding Tape.

I realize by posting this I'm subjecting myself to several round of verbal abuse from Jr and Josh, but I've already rode half way across the country with them in a GTI so I figure it can only go up from there.

This was Ange and my "song" and it was played at our wedding.

Sue me. I'm a child of the '80's.

Besides, it's still true 18 years later so maybe we were on to something.

And yes, the fact the game doesn't start until 10 and Trot and Rakes managed to go the whole day without breaking any laws, destroying any property and made it another day without bringing the whole Mid East Peace Process to a grinding halt definitely played a part in this post.


Rich in the Garage said...

::lights lighter::
::raises it in the air::
::accidentally lights the hair of the bass player on fire::

All that aquanet and spandex, this was bound to happen eventually.

Ted D said...

Yep. I'm actually amazed with all the pyro and big hair that this didn't happen on a nightly basis.

Tree Newt said...

Plus, you had Gibson and myself rocking the mullet like nobody's business. Ooooofff....

Ted D said...

You two looked like you were in Firehouse.