Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Full of Refreshing Hot Air

"In the back of my mind there's a sense of that I'm indebted a little bit and that I spent four years getting paid an exorbitant amount of money, and I really feel like I had one season that I really, truly earned it, and I'm OK with that," Schilling said.

It sort of takes you back, right? A professional ball player actually using words like "indebted" and "truly earned it" is about as common this day and age as the Yankees winning championships.

I was having a touch of the writers block, and wasn't really sure what to write about until I stumbled onto a piece on Shilling.

With all of RSN having heart palpitations over where Mikey is going to end up, 4 year contracts, and cursing under their breath, I thought this was sort of fitting.

Don't get me wrong: I'm in no way comparing what Schill did to what Lowell may do. Schilling is in his final year, while Lowell is trying to set up the next 3 generations of Lowell's for life. I have no problem with Lowell seeking a longer contract, and I also see management's hesitation to go more than 3. I've said it before, Schilling GETS it: he's creating a legacy in Boston.

Besides, Father Curt DID sign for $13 million (potentially): it's not like he's working at Dunkin Donuts.

On a positive note about the Lowell situation, it happened like I called it last week: Slappy is slinking back to the Yankees with his tail between his legs.

What a bunch of wishy washy mush mouths they are: both the Yankees and Slappy/Boras. One side is so brazen they won't start talking unless it's $350 million or bust, while the other side rants about "Yankee pride" and "we don't want anyone who doesn't want to be here". My greatest wish? The Yankees cave for about $280 million, and on Opening Day, Arod pulls a Mo Vaughan and falls down the steps to the dugout and breaks a nail. Or a leg. I'm not picky.

Also, Big Stein's kids are eerily reminiscent of the old man back in the day: glory hogging blowhards who appear to not have a CLUE how to run a ball club. The next ten years or so could be comedy of the highest order in the Big Apple.

To paraphrase the late Billy Martin:

"They deserve each other: One side is made up of a diva and a born liar. The other is the offspring of convicted".


Tex said...

I just returned after long meeting with boss. seems Schill gets it and appreciates his status.

unlike payrod

HorshamScouse said...

So Dora ends up back at 3rd for the MFYs, Texas say a silent thankyou and the potential suitors for Mikey are down to three. None of them (Braves, Dodgers, Cubs?) are genuine contenders for anything other than Division Champs.
I think Scenic wants at least another ring (three's a charm) in front of sellout crowds who appreciate their team. Money's not the issue except to the leeches who call themselves agents. How much more secure can you be with 60 million than 45 plus, say, the 10 he could get for the fourth year somewhere else.
I've said it before: Mike at 3rd in a Sox uniform next year. KTMFF.

Ted D said...

Tex, yep. He get's it.

Horsham, I agree, man. How much difference is 45 to 60 million? This nonsense about moving to 1B: I don't buy it.

I'm with you: KTMMF.

JMP said...

Well at this point I say the heck with all the signing crap. They will do what they want with out a care in the world to what the fans lets get to whats really important!!!!
Start posting more pics and tales of your three rugrats!!!
Now THATS what we all want to hear about and do look forward to!!!
I'm waiting for the posting where Trot puts Rakes in the dryer and tries to turn it on!!
I think my older cousin did that to me when I as 4 or 5...explains a lot ya know!! Especially that tick I have in my right eye!!!!!(blink...blink)
My thanks to both you and tree newt for the kind words about my Dad.
Hope your Mom is doing well.

Oh the tales I could tell you of my cousin the time he did a swan dive from the top of the refrigerator ....

~**Dawn**~ said...

Like I've said a hundred times before: Schill may be an overly opinionated blowhard, but he's *our* blowhard, and we know that he's the real deal. I appreciate the way he honors the game.

Did you read that the EE still wants Lowell? But they would like to move him to 1B. Just to keep him away from us. >=[

scott h said...

Yea come on Ted tell us about the Ruggies. The flippin Redsox don't give a flip about you or your flippin Ruggies.
Give us horror stories, ones that make us hug our peaceful children at night. Ones that let us forget to flush and not bat a eye.

For the love of God give us some flippin Ruggies stories.

Tree Newt said...

I'm with JMP and Bub...BRING ON THE RUGGIES!

Ted D said...


Your cousin sounds like he's a member of my family! As far as the comments on your Dad, no worries man. That's what friends do: thanks for the well wishes for Mom. She met her Doctor today, and so far, it's the best news we can get. She meets with the oncologist on Tuesday.

Dawn, I saw that: no way he goes and plays first. Not at this point in his career.

And for jmp, Bub, and corn shuck, I'll try to bring you more Tales from The Two Sending Dad to the Nuthouse.

JMP said...

hey Ted,
Slappy is staying with the yankers!!!
HA..what a joke. Can you imagine the amount of tension there will be in that dug out???
I'll be the first to say that the yankers will be no better than 2nd place in 2008..
With the Red Sox in 1st, of course!!
Don't think the Yankers will be able to steal Lowell from, us now...but I won't bet the farm on that comment.

Ted D said...

jmp, I wonder if they asked guys like Jeter and Posada if they wanted him back? His production in the regular season has never been a question. I just wonder how they feel about his tired act coming back for 10 more years?

And what Jeter thinks about all the money they are/will pay him.

JMP said...

Well, thats why I think that this year the animosity between slappey and Jeter will just increase. They were at odds with each other before.
Toss in the feelings of a few other guys on that bench watching slappy rake in 27.5+ mill a year for ten years and you know that dug out will be way out of karma!!!
He's what? 32 now so he is locked in till he is 42? The yankees front office must be doing some really serious drugs to put ink on that deal.
And I really never see such greed from one player before.
Take Slappys money plus the shell out for Fruit Bat and Tosdada and the Yankee payroll for next year must be over 200,000,000. As is for 2007 they spent $189,639,045.
But the good news is that a Yankee team that cant play at its peak is a boon to the Sox.

Ted D said...

jmp, I thought the same thing: they are CRAZY to commit to paying a player $27 million when he's 42. He could blow a knee out next year and never be the same. Basically, they are banking on him being Cal Ripken for the next 10 years, only hitting 50 bombs and 150 RBI's every year.

This could potentially set them back a decade or more.

Thank God for the Steinbrenner family: as long as they are around, comedy will live.