Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rakes Birthday, Part Deux

Even though his birthday was yesterday and we'd already gone bowling and played "dames", we had the boys birthday party today with our families. Here's the little bugger showing how old he is now. Either that, or he's thinking about taking Ric Flair's place in the 4 Horsemen.

You think he was having a good time? Who am I kidding: EVERYDAY is a birthday for this kid. 5 minutes after getting fussed at, he's right back to Defcon 5, whatever trangression he just committed erased from his memory. Sort of like The Govenator in Total Recall. Only the little people version.

Little brother Trot taking it all in.

Lord, does that kid needs a haircut. He looks like some demented 19th month old Albert Einstein. You have NO idea how much I hope he uses his fertile little mind for good.

Mom, Sissy, and Rakes checking out his Toy Story video game. Before today, I've only seen him this serious once: remember the mouse episode from the other week?

Rakes and I sharing a rare quiet moment.

3 seconds after this picture was taken, he was riding his new Spider Man scooter through the kitchen, hollering at the top of his lungs.

I'll take my Norman Rockwell moments whenever I can get 'em.



Tree Newt said...

I was wondering about the pics. I figured there was no way Mr. Shaky Hands was responsible for such fine photography!

Happy B-day again to Rakes!

Ted D said...

Bite me, dink.

I don't have shaky hands: you all just have unnaturally calm ones.

Tell Baby C her favorite Uncle says hello.

Tex said...

how do you go from such a great writer of blogs to "bite me dink"?

Ted D said...

It's a gift, Tex.

What can I say. That, and my little brother just brings out the best in me. ;)

Edge of Design said...

One day they're 4 and then they're 10 and you'd think it happened as fast as overnight sometimes, huh?

Denise said...

Loved the pictures!!!!! My boys are grown and gone but they live on in my heart as little boys... Rambunctious and tearing up JACK!

I read you comment on Edges post... Nice to meet you.... and I have just one thing to say..

St. Louis Cardnials will be back!!!

Ted D said...

Edge, exactly. One of my favorite "Dad" songs is Remember When by Alan Jackson: sort of sums up how it feels to be a husband/father for me.

Denise, thanks for visiting. Edge and my wife became really good friends when she lived in NC briefly, as well as our daughters became playmates and now IM buddies.

And as long as you're not a Yankee fan, you're welcome here. ;)

Tex said...

Ted you need to check out "Dont Blink" by Kenny Chesney

Tex said...

Ted D said...

I hadn't seen or heard that before Tex. It got a little dusty in here.

scott h said...

Jr why in every pic with your kids does it appear as if Angie has given you cough Medicine? Maybe you are the hyper active one?

Ted D said...

That's the look of a man with sleep deprivation.

Besides, all those pictures of your nieces and nephews, yet you choose to bust on me.