Sunday, November 25, 2007

You Like Apples?

Ever since Mike Lowell re-signed with Boston I've been trying to come up with a visual that would show I how I feel about it. Today, it hit me: that scene in the movie "Good Will Hunting".

If you haven't seen it, Will is hanging out in a bar with his buddies when he meets Skylar. Will's buddy Chuckie is trying to pick up Skylar, when this dink in a pony tail named Clark steps in and puts him down. Will comes over, humiliates Clark, and as Skylar is leaving the bar, she gives Will her number.

When Will leaves the bar, Clark is sitting at the window with his friends and it's here one of the all time classic movie quotes is uttered:

Will: (banging on the window) You like apples?

Clark: Yeah.

Will: I got her number. How you like them apples?

Mike Lowell is Skylar: sitting at the bar, getting hit on by all these different teams in baseball, including the Yankees by all accounts. Getting all the pick up lines and promises of free drinks and a good time, when the Phillies(Chuckie) put the move on. The Yankees(Clark) arrogantly assume they can sweep Lowell off his feet with their big money offer when Theo(Will) steps in and puts the freaking Yankees in their place.

Or maybe not: it just works for me.

I'm happy Lowell will be manning 3rd for the Red Sox for the next three years. I'm glad to know our younger players will have a vet like him to look to and learn how to be ballplayer, and our collection of goofballs and weirdos will have a professional to hopefully keep them somewhat grounded.

Most of all, I'm proud Mikey made a decision not totally based on how much money he would be making: that he took into account things like a city, a fan base, and his current teammates when he made one of the most crucial decisions I'm sure he's ever had to make.
I guess I'm just glad Mikey decided he had to go see about a girl.



scott h said...

I guess you are suffering from writers block again.

scott h said...

Like I'm going to be working while I look at your blog.

Ted D said...

No writers block: I actually thought about this all weekend.

You know, if you got your own blog up and running, I wouldn't mind you busting my chops so much.

As it is, you're like a guy shooting fish in a barrel: I've got no recourse.

C'mon big boy: step up to the plate and put YOUR writing out there for the rest of us to criticize.

THEN it'd be a fair fight. :)

Tree Newt said...

Good post, little bro. And I concur with your admonishment of our pot-shotting bro-in-law. Step up, Bub! You've got 5 months off! Post all day long!

Ted D said...

He won't do it, Mattie.

He's like a sniper: staying away from the main action and taking his shots from far away.

C'mon Bubba: Step up to the plate. We need a Scott blog for retalitory measures.

Like Bartles and James, I thank you for your support.

Tex said...

good analogy Ted.

and guess who I wrote about today after my long drought? three guesses...and two dont count

Tex said...

im afraid if scottie boy put up a blog, it'd be full of so much bs and hot air, cyberspace would implode and we'd all be sucked into the ground.

Ted D said...

Tex, I think you may be right: for the good of all bloggers, it may just be best he doesn't start one.

Glad you had a nice time with your folks this past weekend.

scott h said...

OK you guys. You don't think I can write, have funny stories to tell, know how to use a camera?
I'll show you ,I'm going to start my own blog this week!


Tex said...

bwwaaaaaack bwaaaack bwaccccKKKKK

scott h said...

Ted what a super story today . That is my favorite movie. When he says apples my heart just goes boom. Keep writing like this and you have a fan for life.

There I tried, got to go making myself sick.

Ted D said...

You really are a horses rear end, Bub.

And if the apples scene made your heart go boom, you may be sick in the head as well.

Tex said...

wait...scottie has a shallower end that Ted??

Ted D said...

It would appear so, Tex.

I'm just trying to insult him enough to start his own blog: I really think the lack of a fair playing field needs to be addressed.

Edge of Design said...

Scott you better quit while you're ahead. Although, I do admit I actually thought you were serious about writing your own blog. I am sure you would have a lot to contribute to one.

Ted D said...

Denise, he'll never do it. He would rather blast Matt and I daily and not have to suffer the ramifications if he had his own.

As you can see, even when he tries to be positive, he can't. It's just not in him. ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

I almost busted with pride when I read Lowell's statement that you can't put a price on his happiness in Boston. Oh how I love our third baseman.