Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kid Closer

Do you think Timlin needs the earplugs because he was on a Duck boat with the Dropkick Murphys?

Or because he was on a Duck boat with Jonathan Papelbon?

Pap was OUT OF CONTROL on the Rolling Rally, with the processional stopping 3 different times so he could Riverdance for RSN.

Watching him turn into the best closer currently in the game has been a pleasure to watch. Don't get me wrong: he's not Mariano Rivera or Trevor Hoffman.


Seeing him act like a goofball, from the Bud Light box in his underwear, to waggling his fingers at Tek, to playing air guitar with a broom during the parade? Priceless.

Baseball, and ALL sports, need guys like Pap: players who realize they get paid an enormous amount of money to play a game intended for kids. Who understand that while what they do is a HUGE deal to a lot of people, in the grand scheme of things, it's really only a diversion.

How refreshing is it to see grown men actually having FUN at what they do? Not acting like that if they don't win, world peace will never be achieved? Seriously, I'm as big a seam head as you'll find: I'm the guy who curses at the TV when things go wrong and who REALLY thinks that if I wear my lucky hat, it'll help the Red Sox win. But when I go into my daughter's room to kiss her goodnight and see her sleeping, even I know what TRULY matters.

To me, it's a welcome relief from all the self important dinks that walk around as if they had a corn cob stuck up their nether regions and acting like playing sports for a living makes them somehow better than a teacher, a police officer, a soldier, or a stock broker. Slappy, I'm talking to you.

Pap gets how fortunate he is, and it shows in how he conducts himself when he's not out on the field.

Like a kid raiding the candy store.

Long live the Riverdance.


Tex said...

Im shipping up to Boston tomorrow. but ill have my laptop and wireless so ill be a web away

Ted D said...

Good to hear Tex: I expect updates and pic..., er pict...., sorry, I'm trying, pictu......

::takes deep breath::


::laughs until I start to choke thinking Tex will post some pictures. Still waiting for SD pictures!::

Tex said...

at least you hear from me. besides no ones pics are good next to kellys. Im gonna go to the kyle's signing! although Id love to be at Clays signing.

HorshamScouse said...

//he's not Mariano Rivera or Trevor Hoffman.//
Or, dare I say, Gagne. Maybe not :)

Pap's development into a truly dominant closer, along with JPB taking over the ace role from Curt, have been the highlights of a season full of good things.

And Tex: if you find a wooden leg while you're in Boston, ship it out to NZ: I keep falling over:)

Ted D said...

Tex, you know I'm messing with you. Have a GREAT weekend in Boston. And I'm waiting for Kelly's parade pictures to post.

Horsham: not sure if mentioning Gagne is a good thing to do. :) Tex, find John's peg leg: he needs to Riverdance!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have heard of your outbursts in front of the TV. It's amazing what our children see and tell. I'm glad that you clarified your comments to Tex. For a moment, I thought I might have to get my whistle and find a black and white striped shirt.

Tree Newt said...

Speaking of Slappy...I hear he's been offered an incentive-laden contract with the Toledo Mud Hens. Classic.

Tex said...

i have no desire to look for peg legs in boston. Im gonna just be trying to keep my #%* out of jail :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Watching guys like Papelbon enjoy the game is right up there with watching Favre play football. Passion. I love every second of it.

You header photo is making me wish it were closer to Spring...

Ted D said...

Denise, I'm not proud of my outbursts: they are what they are!

Mattie, I read that: wasn't that Klingers team on MASH?

Tex, I'm not worried about you on day one: you'll be with JET. However, it's day 2 that causes me some concern.;)

Dawn, he's a tad exciteable, isn't he? Watching him on Letterman was classic TV.

courtney said...

today at work one of the girls at my work and i talked about reasons why one would name their child after someone famous. not only did she not understand the concept..but she totally didnt understand what would compel one to name their child Trot. i gave up, figuring she would never get it.

Ted D said...

Court, tell your friend I didn't name him Trot because he was famous: I named him Trot because Trot Nixon is a man I admire for his play, his attitude, and the way he conducts his life. No different than naming someone after a family member, a friend, or just because you like a certain name.

Besides, he's my child: I could name him mayonaise and it wouldn't be anybodies business but mine! And no, I'm not hinting at the next name, so tell your Dad to relax!

Hope school is going well: I'm sure my smartest niece is making her usual 4.0 gpa.

Stacy said...

Love the post, little brother! Pap does his job on the field with passion and excellence, and then knows how to have fun once the game is over. And he knows how lucky he is to get paid to play a game for a living.