Wednesday, November 7, 2007


*Photo taken by Kelly*

I was going to try and post about my Mom, who is going into the hospital tomorrow morning for breast cancer surgery. Even started a post twice, but couldn't muddle my way through it without tearing up: so I'm reverting to my comfort zone and going into seamhead mode.

Reports out of Boston say that the Red Sox have offered Mikey Doubles a 3 year deal, with an option on year 4. If this happens I'll send Tex to Boston to give Theo a kiss. Look, I like the guy and all, but there ain't no way on God's green earth I'm kissing him: besides, Tex'd be up for it.

He's only been in Boston 2 years, yet it's pretty hard to imagine Lowell wearing anything other than a B on his cap. In fact, if Tek retires after next season, it's not too much of a reach to imagine that Captain's C on the jersey of Mike Lowell: THAT is how much this guy has ingratiated himself to the city of Boston.

Theo: Do It.

As for my Mom, I'll post an update sometime tomorrow after we know a little more. For JET and Rob and Josh, who emailed me about this, you'll never know how much that meant. And for Donna: I heard you, if you didn't know it already. If you were one of the SG family who wished Mom well, the same goes out for you.

And if you weren't any of the above, and your Mom is still with us, do me a favor: call her up and tell her you love her.

I promise you won't regret it.


Tex said...

ok so this thing about sending ME to Boston to kiss Theo?? Does that include airfare, hotel, rental and beer monies?

Ted D said...

No way, Tex. I'll pay your airfare, but beer money? I'd have to take out a second mortgage.

Tex said...

oh come on Ted. Who needs a house anyway?? I figure after Rakes is 17, your house wont be worth much with all the damages and all :)

Edge of Design said...

Ted, it bites that your mom has to go through any of this in the first place. The fact that she has such a loving and supportive family will help her heal. I hope you'll look at Psalm 121 today.

Ted D said...

Tex, you make a really good point: I'm pretty sure I'm losing value by the day.

Denise, thanks. The close family is a testament to HER, so I'll pass the word.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I've got your family in my thoughts & prayers today. Some things take precedence even over Mr Lowell.

Your insider info on a potential contract -- did you happen to find it reading this article or is there another one out there too? I must admit the title of this one -- "Cashman Unable to Wrangle Lowell From Red Sox" -- made me breathe *teeny* bit easier.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh man... Lowell with a C on his jersey. You just gave a girl a new fantasy to keep her warm in arctic central Florida this morning. Do you think maybe Tek lets Lowell try on his jersey & look in the mirror to see what he'd look like? ::happy sigh::

Ted D said...

Dawn, thanks for the prayers. Mom is home now, and the cancer had not gone to her lymph nodes. The Doc is being pretty positve about it and say's he's confident they can take care of it all. So all of us are pretty relieved.

I can't recall where I heard the Lowell rumor: could have been someone from SG mentioned it.

//Oh man... Lowell with a C on his jersey. You just gave a girl a new fantasy to keep her warm in arctic central Florida this morning.//

Glad I could help!

JMP said...

Glad to hear about your Mom. I hope they got it all and will continue to include her in my prayers.
I lost my Father to Cancer yesterday morning. It has been a hellish 3 months for us but more so for him. I am so proud of how he fought the cancer right till the end and his concern was for the ones he left behind and not himself even when it was pure hell for him.
Man I miss him.

Looking good for Mikey at the moment but a C on the shirt????
Naw..not now. He has had only one great year and we have Tek as a lock through 2008.
I hope Tek will close out his career as a Red Sox and then continue on as a coach.

Ted D said...

jmp, man am I so sorry to hear your news. It sounds like he was a fine man, and I hate that for you. For you to wish me well at a time like this for you, well it just shows what kind of Dad you had.

No C for Mikey yet, but maybe when Tek retires. I'm already wondering if they'll sign him to an extension: I'm sure they will if the numbers work out, but he's already in a decline offensively. However, from what Tito and Theo say, his bat is the LAST thing they look at when judging his impact.

Again jmp, VERY sorry to hear about your Dad: I'll say a prayer for you and your family tonight.

Tree Newt said...

Thanks to everyone for the prayers for our mom. They are much appreciated, and much felt.

JMP, so sorry to hear about your dad.