Friday, November 9, 2007

Hope: It's a Good Thing

Trot in cowboy mode, and Rakes with his "Official" Fireman badge after a field trip to the fire station today.

I've got hope: a glimmer, but still it's hope.

That one day, Trot MAY be riding horses instead of terrorizing defenseless animals.

And that Rakes could be fighting fires instead of causing them.

It ain't much: but it's all I've got to hold onto at this particular moment.


Oh, and Theo:


(My ulcer is starting to get an ulcer.)


Tex said...

Quitcha Worrying!!! Its a good thing this new job is keeping me busy or Id be getting ulcers like you.

Mama Dont let your babies grow up to be Cowboys! you got a ways to go before worrying about Trot.

Rakes looks mighty grown in that badge

Ted D said...

Tex, if you come stay with us next summer, and you'd better, you will find out in about 2 minutes that Trot is a future Mafia enforcer.

And Rakes is a future Mafia Don.

And I'll worry enough for the both of us, so you can concentrate on the new job.

Tex said...

Oh Im sure Ill have them wrapped around Auntie Tex's finger :)

Ted D said...


I have no doubt.

They think Uncle Matt is the bomb: you will rock their world.

Tree Newt said...

Was that some kind of backhanded compliment, or just a backhand?

Ted D said...

Just a plain ol' backhand, canola oil.

Stacy said...

They both look so cute! Stop worrying about them; they're only 3 and 1. They'll grow out of this stage...just remember; cousin Jerry did. :)


Ted D said...

You should have been here this morning, Stacy.

A thundering herd of wooly mammoths would have made less noise and destroyed fewer things.

::assumes the lotus position for meditation::

Tex said...

\\just remember; cousin Jerry did.//

wait...ya are related to Jerry Lee Lewis?

Ted D said...

Tex, we call Stacy's boy "Cousin Jerry" when he's acting "special".

Tree Newt said...

For the first time in the history of our blogs, I have more posts than you on our most recent topics.

Never mind that mine has been up for a week, while yours merely for hours. For one fleeting moment, I'm ahead in popularity.

Ahhhhhh...feel the love...

~**Dawn**~ said...

How is there no contract yet???
::bangs head on wall::

Ted D said...


This is killing me too: Hopefully they are waiting until tomorrow, since no Patriots game. The Red Sox DO own NESN: maybe they are trying to get some programming to make up for the lack of Patriots coverage.

Mattie, first the iphone, now the blog. You really need to work on that envy thing. ;)