Saturday, November 3, 2007

If it's good enough for Papi, it's good enough for me.


Other than that, I've got nothing. I've spent the night putting rugrats to bed and watching replays of Hell's Kitchen on YouTube.

I think you could say I'm in the post World Series funk.

All I know is that the Large Father, David Ortiz wants Mikey Doubles back.

As far as I'm concerned, that's good enough for me.

So Theo: listen to the Bedazzler.

Sign Mike Lowell.

Man, do I HATE the offseason.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Did you see his jacket?? I about died laughing, thinking Papelbon would be having a blast with that.

And ya know... if Papi says to sign someone, I'm thinking you listen. The man swings a *bat* for a living. ;-) And he's not... small.


Stacy said...

I agree with the Big Man:


Ted D said...


The Scorpion on the back of the jacket was classic Papi! And while I think Theo makes his decisions based on a number of factors, the opinion's of people like Tek and Papi have got to play a part in his decision making process. The fact Lowell has yet to file for FA is giving me some hope.

Stacy, I guess it's unanimous: Sign Mike Lowell!!!

JMP said...

Well if they do not sign Mikey then we , all of RSN , should converge on Boston and have our own Boston Tea party and toss the front office in to Boston Harbor!!
Papi's jacket was bedazzled and bedazzling!! I think Conan wants one too!!

Ted D said...

jmp, sounds like a plan to me. I keep going back to Lowell not filing for FA: it may be a formality, but hopefully he's negotiating with Theo as we speak.

Tex said...


Man its been a GREAT Birthday Weekend!! not only did I get to hang out with both of my internet group of friends...I saw 2 Texas Red Sox players :) another texanblog taking my place?? ;)

Ted D said...

Tex, I've been keeping up with all your exploits! Glad you've had such a great weekend: I'm dissapointed you didn't say Hi to Jim Ed!

And you KNOW there is only one Texan for me. ;)

Tex said...

oh I smiled flirtatiously at him...I made direct eye contact. Believe ME...I just couldnt quit giggling though thinking what crazy comments Cousin Steve woulda said

Ted D said...

Him doing Jim Ed is high comedy.

Did you give Rice your patented Texas shy smile? And did he have his game face on or was he just relaxed. Somehow, I don't think Jim Rice EVER has a relaxed look on his face!

Tex said...

JimEd looked Sharp!!! starched jeans and very cool shirt on. He seemed more relaxed. and there aint nuttin shy about my smile :)

He KNEW I was smiling AT HIM and not just being polite.

beckperson said...

I hate the offseason - do you guys think there's anything we can take from the fact that Mike Lowell hasn't yet filed for free agency? I keep thinking this is a good sign, but I am a notorious Pollyanna about such things.

Have a good week! :wave: (imagine smiley wavey guy!)

Ted D said...

Tex, I think you have a very shy smile: a loud one, but still shy! :)

Becks, I've been thinking the same thing: I think Lowell is trying to show the Sox he wants to stay, and I'm hoping we hear something in just a few days.

Have fun in Scotland and travel safe.

::waves goodbye::

Tree Newt said...

I had to catch up on RSN happenings...been away for the weekend hugging trees and such.

I'll make a prediction: Mikey signs this week. With Boston.

I'll make another prediction: my brother will put a counter on his blog that shows "days until pitchers and catchers report."

One more:
He will also reply to this post with a comment along the lines of "Corn Nut, you dink."

See if I'm not right.

Ted D said...

I heard you'd been out planting flowers and bird watching this weekend: glad you made it home safe.

I happen to agree with your prediction, Oat bran: Mikey signs this week.

I LIKE the idea about the counter: can you help me with that?

You dink.

scott h said...

Come on Jr. put a rubber band around your glove and relax.

Now you know why we called him AD down here! Cause he can run All Day long. I'm glad I got my Vikings jersey early.

The Plant Haven is officially closed as of tomorrow. Let the games began.

Ted D said...

Bub, glad to hear you are on your winter vacation.

He was OUT OF HAND today: 296 on 30 carries? My man Portis had 196 for the 'Skins today and it's like it was nothing.

BTW, you know my Redskins are 5-3? They most likely will finish 5-11, but hey, they are 5-3 right now!

scott h said...

If they would stop giving tryouts for quarterback to flagfootball rejects it might help.

scott h said...

Did Johnny AppleSeed get back from his "Walking to Memphis" trip?

Ted D said...

Bub, I like Cambell, but Snyder spends millions on the team and has some no name at QB. Kills me.

And yep: Senor Appleseed has returned.

Also, new post: it's the best I could do. Was Mr. Mom all day today, and my mind feels like oatmeal.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I hope you're right about that not filing thing. I am on pins & needles here!