Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Battle Royale

Rakes and Trotter, doing what they love to do best: Fighting.

This used to make me extremely nervous, but ever since Trot reached Rakes' height and now outweighs him, not so much. In fact, Trot is usually the instigator in all this. Rakes sits on the floor to watch tv and Trot charges like some deranged 2 ft. tall bull and just lays him out.

Luckily Rakes is tougher than he appears, and the two will then spend the next 5 minutes rolling around on the floor and laughing like idiots.

Tonight, as they did their best impressions of Sky Low Low and Captain Underpants, I had a brainstorm. You know that horn that small towns sound whenever there is a tornado or bad weather approaching? Some places don't have it because the thing costs too much.

I've got the perfect solution; for any town who needs one of these that is in a budget crunch, I've got the answer. I'll just tape my two human Air Raid sirens for about 5 minutes and your problem is solved.

By the way, while I don't think this will last too much longer, the older brother prevailed in the epic "Last Munchkin Standing" contest.

Even though they ended a 7 game losing streak today by beating the Mets, and Papelbon apparently decided to make it completely unfair and bring back the slider as an out pitch, the best news of the day, for me, came from the ornery Texan with the sketchy back.

"I got a good night's sleep," Beckett said when asked how he was feeling today.

It's not "I'm ready to go tomorrow", but it at least gives you hope he'll pitch again. 'Cause if you read the Boston media, that's not actually a given right now.

So maybe he won't be on the hill when the season starts in Japan. So what.

As long as he's able to go out there every 5th day not long after, snarling and cussing while he makes a bunch of Major League hitters look like loaners from the local beer league I could care less.

I want the Commander of the FYYO Brigade taking the ball when his name is called.

Nothing less will do.


Tex said...

\\ornery Texan//

isnt that redundant?

Ted D said...

Yeah, I guess it is.

But since the Red Sox have multiple Texans, I figured I needed to narrow it down. ;)

Tex said...

uhmmmm I think ornery could apply to Timlin. maybe not Clay. and definitely not Kyle....although cyn would say Kyle isnt a texan cause he dont claim to be.

Ted D said...

I'll give you Timlin.

But since he doesn't curse and yell at the other team, I knew you'd get who I meant. ;)

Tex said...

here's a part of an article written about Beckett in Oct

"No matter what Josh Beckett says, he wants to be the greatest. And he's getting there one ornery step at time."

looks like you're not the first to describe him that way :)

Tree Newt said...

The picture of Rakes sitting on Trot brings back not-so-fond memories of our childhood rounds. Sounds like they took after their uncle with the air-horn screaming. Tell Rakes to watch it, or Trot will lay the smack down on him like I did on you. ;)

And what up with the word verification?

Tex said...

spam i am
spam i am
i love how the word verification

Ted D said...


You can thank Jason from the last post and his 8 consecutive spam posts for the word verification.

Stupid spammers.

Tex, I had a feeling I wasn't the first to refer to Beckett as "ornery". ;)

Tree Newt said...

I missed all that, bro. That's the price of being popular, though! Better to languish in ME!

~**Dawn**~ said...

You know you've moved up in the blogosphere when you are forced to implement the word verification for your own sanity.

Boys sure do show affection in strange ways...

As for Beckett... well... I am hoping it's just a clever ruse to get out of the Japan trip...
::sticks head back in the sand::

Chip said...

Have you seen our video comic strip?



~**Dawn**~ said...

Hello Mayor's Cup!!!
::does a little dance::

Krystle [RSO] said...

Looks like the boys sensed there was going to be a Yankee/Rays fight so they had a little "nice" rumble themselves. Also, maybe I COULD use Rakes for little princess Jasmeen.

After some tense days, the Red Sox are Mayor Cup champs!

Ted D said...

Dawn, don't know about moving up. But thanks. ;)

I HATE that, but hopefully the word verification will stop it.

::puts head in sand next to Dawn::

Chip, I haven't, but since you only posted once, I'll definately take a look.

WOOT! Mayor's Cup CHAMPIONS, baby!

Krystle, I've only seen the fight once so far since getting home, but my new favorite Ray is Jonny Gomes for taking out Duncan.

Tex said...

i figured it out. you're famous now that you're linked on SG. Sucks to be Famous with all the Papparazzi huh? ;)

Krystle [RSO] said...

I keep missing the fight on TV. Oh I always have NESN.

Ted D said...

You think, Tex?

I'll speak to Renton for you if you want. ;)

It's only happened a few times, and yesterday was the only time it happened more than once so hopefully not.