Monday, March 3, 2008

Random Spring Training Thoughts

How does Clay Buchholz even pitch with what looks to be at least 3, and possibly 4 necklaces around his neck? He supposedly gained weight this offseason; he must have bought another necklace or two.

I got a chance to watch the complete dance routines of Mike Lowell, Alex Cora, Dustin Pedroia, and Jonathan Papelbon tonight. Lowell has some skills and Cora at least tried. Pap you just write off as being certifiable.

But Pedie? The King of the Munchkins could have at LEAST practiced; Guy makes ME look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Live. I did come to the following revelation after watching him rip off his shirt mid-dance, then flex his muscles at the end; Rakes IS Pedroia.

5 feet nothing, he acts like he's 6 ft 6 and weighs 225. Rakes is the same way; apparently little is only a state of mind. How else do you explain my then 3 year old trash talking the biggest kid on the opposing soccer team last fall by running up to him, pointing his index finger, and yelling " I dust scored a doal on you!"

Maybe I'd better enroll him in karate.

Best part of the Dancing with the Stars: Red Sox edition? Javier Lopez, after Pap got through doing his thing (I can't bring myself to actually call it dancing) said the following:

"Lugo just called. He wants his shirt back when you're done."

Somewhere George and Hank Steinbrenner are fuming about how this is NOT acceptable behavior for Major League ballplayers.

My response to them, and anyone else without a sense of humor and who wants their baseball team composed of robots?

Go pound sand where the sun don't shine, fellas.

This is the Boston Red Sox. Talk about the "Yankee Way" all you want; Run down RSN and try and tell yourself the Yankees are Americas Team.

In the 21st century, the Yankees have won exactly 0 Championships.

Boston? 2 in 4 years.



Krystle [RSO] said...

Just imagine Dustin and Paps kids? If we think Rakes is a character, just wait until those children come.

//"Lugo just called. He wants his shirt back when you're done."//

I LOVED Paps reaction, it was a classic.

This team is going to be a good time this year, I can feel it.

Ted D said...


It should be a lot of fun. I love the fact they aren't boring.

JMP said...

Shame on you for rubbing salt in the wounds of the Yankee fans......
(If you run out of salt let me know...I'll get MORE!!!)

Ted D said...

I'll keep that in mind, JMP.

And yes, I'm fully aware of the 26 championships. Before Torre's brilliant run in the late 90's, most of those came from the likes of Mantle, Maris, Dimaggio, and Ruth.

All while the Red Sox were being run by an alcoholic racist.

Since John Henry and company took over to fight George? Well, it's been pretty one sided.

Tree Newt said...

Uhhhh...if Rakes has the Napoleon complex, methinks he got it from his dad.


Ted D said...



I'm comfortable in my skin, Newt.

You gotta problem with that?

Tree Newt said...

I hear you Nappy. That boy is just like you.

Ted D said...

Sadly, what you are saying is true.

He really is just like me.

Which is why he holds such a special place in my heart.

Poor lil' fella.

Edge of Design said...

Your posts and comments have you sounding a little "down" these days. I hope you know I was only teasing about my 'escapism' comment. I hope that didn't upset you.

Sometimes we reach a breaking point and discover how human we really are, huh? This too shall pass my friend. Hang in there even if it's tough, things have a way of working out because the Lord is in control. Rest assured! He's got your back! It doesn't seem like it sometimes but He does. You can count on that!

Ted D said...

Edge, I didn't think anything more about your comments than you meant.

And Ang and Ciera are really looking forward to you guys getting back here.

I'm just at the end of my rope. I honestly don't know where to go from here.

So I'm just taking it minute by minute. But thanks for your support.

(uttered in my best Bartle and James voice).

Tex said...


I wish I could give the thumbs up

Edge of Design said...

I've heard it said that when you're at the end of your rope to tie a knot and hang in there. I'm not so sure I agree with that philosophy though. I'd recommend you GO FISHING by CASTING your care upon the Lord because He cares for You. Let go of the rope and let God catch you. Your need is great; His strength and ability to catch and care for you is greater!

Ted D said...

Tex, I appreciate the sentiment.

Edge, I'm fine. Just wore out and exhausted, but I'll muddle through. I tied that knot a few days ago and I'm hanging in there.

When are you guy's getting back here? Ciera is chomping at the bit to see YKW.

Edge of Design said...

I'm glad you're alright. YKW doesn't want Ciera to know the exact date. She still wants to surprise her somehow. I don't know the exact date yet either. It depends on final inspections and whether or not other suppliers can get their act in gear and supply the necessary materials. IKES! It will be sometime this month. Not soon enough. I can't wait to leave SoCal.

Stacy said...

Little is definitely just a state of mind. Rakie is Big Papi in Pedroia's body. :)

If he doesn't hit a major growth spurt, his big attitude will come in very handy. :)

Ted D said...

Edge, Ciera will be excited.

Stacy, I'm thinking the same thing. He already struts around like George Jefferson.