Friday, March 28, 2008


Out on the Left Coast, the Munchkin and the boys spent the day trying to get their body clocks reset and work out the kinks of a whirlwind trip to Japan and 2 unGodly flights, as every non pitcher not named Manny or Coco worked out today. They play the Dodgers in Dodger Stadium tonight, then head down the 405 (No clue if that's what it's called. Poetic license and all that) for a exhibition in the LA Coliseum, where 115,000 are expected.

For an exhibition game.

In California, where people arrive late and leave early to beat the traffic, there is no NFL team (no matter it's the 2nd biggest TV market), and following celebrities around is considered a sport.

Hank Steinbrenner can take that "there is no Red Sox nation" quote and bite my tweeter. I can GUARANTEE you there will be more red than blue in the stadium tomorrow night. Then it's off to Oakland, then Toronto, and then? Home. And that brutal 21 day road trip will be, thankfully, a thing of the past.

A VERY Happy Birthday tomorrow to my little boy Trot. Turning 2, he starts that road from baby to little boy and in a great example of being like Dad, he's sick on his birthday. He's got some type of wicked diaper rash along with an infected finger that is as red as a beet and apparently hurts at any type of movement. Remember everybody: antibiotics are your friend.

Just like his namesake though, he's a true Dirt Dog and is gutting his way through the pain. At least as much as a two year old Mama's boy can.

So Happy Birthday, little Trot.

Daddy loves you.


HorshamScouse said...

Big birthday hugs from Mr John. Hope he has a great time.

Brutal is right. They'll be sick of the sight of domes and odd-shaped hybrid stadiums.

HorshamScouse said...

And it's the 110 but they all look the same to me :)

Ted D said...

It's Mr. Don, Horsham. Remember that. ;)

The 110/405/220/221.

Whatever it takes. :)

I'll be sure and tell him that Mr. Don say's Happy Birthday, though.

Tex said...

Happy Birthday TrotSTER!!!!

tomorrow is also my grandmother's bd, pod rest her soul :)

Edge of Design said...

Happy Birthday Trot! It took a while yesterday for it to sink in that he was going to be 2. TWO???!!!! Already? Okay, so it hasn't sunk it yet. Maybe by this time next year it will.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Trot! We nearly share the day - I hope you have as many happy ones as I have had!

Ted D said...

Thanks Tex! I'll pass the word on. Pretty neat your grandmother and my boy would have the same birthday.

Edge, it's hard for me to buy too. Right now he's potty training for M&M's!

Beth, it didn't even hit me yesterday that you and he were just 1 day apart. ;)

Krystle [RSO] said...


Today I'm going to see the trophies, wooohooo! Hope Little Trot has as much fun as I do today =]!

Tex said...

ok Ted. we're gonna have to put someone in charge in finding out where the trophys are during the May weekend trip. WE HAVE to see them

~**Dawn**~ said...

That's just wishful thinking from Steinbrenner Spawn.

I can't wait for some home baseball. At this point I can't wait for a normal start time. I just hope that there are not *snow* cancellations for the home opener. Seems Winter doesn't want to release its grasp of the northeast!

Happy Birthday, Trot!

Tree Newt said...

Happy birthday to Dirt Dog #2 from his uncle and namesake. I hope he feels bettah.

There. I threw a little New Englandese at you to prepare you for the roadie.

Ted D said...

Thanks, Krystle. Hope you had fun seeing the trophies.

Tex, Sounds good to me. Hopefully they aren't in Vancouver or something.

Dawn, me too. I just hope my trip in May will be OK. It can still get dicey up there even then. And thanks for the birthday wishes for Trot!

Mattie, I'm assuming the present is in the mail? ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

In my 25 years living in New England, I don't ever remember it snowing in May, so hopefully *that* won't be a problem for you! But I would almost bet it will be cold by *my* standards! ;-)

Ted D said...

Cold I can deal with just fine. I've got a Red Sox hoodie, 3 pairs of jeans, and my Sox cap.

I'm good. ;)

Had a relaxing Saturday? This working 6 days a week is for the birds.

Tree Newt said...

Yeah, its in the mail. To be delivered next Saturday. Tell Trot he will get his before Garrison, in all likelihood. We are horrible. I know.

Ted D said...

Since he doesn't even know what Happy Birthday means, he'll be OK. ;)

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday, Little Trot! I even got some cuddling from him today. :)

He's definitely a dirt dog; that boy has more cuts, bruises, infections that any other human I know. :)

Ted D said...

He's just keeping up appearances, Sis. ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

I would be ok if I could wear all 3 pairs of jeans, the hoodie with the hood up over the cap, several layers of Sox shirts under the hoodie & a pair of gloves. And a blanket. It's already in the 80s down here!

Ted D said...

The 80's?

THAT I couldn't take.

I need some semblance of winter to maintain some sanity.

~**Dawn**~ said...

We had Winter. Highs in the low 50s. Lows in the low 30s/upper 20s. It lasts for about 6 weeks. Just long enough for me. ;-)

Ted D said...

That's not winter.

It's a cold spell. ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Totally Winter. I paid my dues with 25 years of Connecticut Winter that lasts 6 months.

LOL!!! Word verification: dwnbsof. Loosely translated as: Dawn be soft.

Ted D said...

Forgot you were a seasoned New Englander. ;)

Ellsbury just got thrown out at second with CF Jones covering second.


New post, btw.