Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Manny. Still Being Manny.

Forget all the stories coming out of Spring Training about Manny being more mature, what with all the reading of actual books and self retrospection. THIS is the Manny I've grown to love.

Standing around with his glove on his head, looking like he's trying out for the role of "Cousin It" in the 2008 remake of "The Adams Family".

Look, I'm all for Manny shedding his Muppet-like characteristics and joining the rest of us in reality. I just don't want him to lose that child like innocence when it comes to playing a kids game for a living.

As long as this new found maturity eliminates lolly gagging to first on ground balls and unnecessary pimpage of long hits that turn into singles, I'm fine with it.

Just give me trips inside the Green Monster during the game, petting Julian Tavarez in the dugout, and the random pointing at anything that moves and I'll be fine.

As Ang returned home from church tonight with the Three Stooges, she told Rakes to tell me what he had on.

Girls underwear.

Needless to say, this never appeared on my radar. Turns out, the little Tazmanian Devil neglected to mention to his teacher that he had to pee, resulting in him wetting his pants. Lucky me, the only child with a spare set was a little girl named Kylie.

I'd be remiss in mentioning the only way Ang found this out was when she put Rakes in his car seat to come home and he blurts out: "I've dot Kylies underwear on Mom. It's pink and it has flowers on it! Hee hee hee!"

I've already got tomorrow evening planned out. Wind sprints in the backyard, 20 minutes on the speed bag, and a mandatory showing of Tek punking out Arod immediately following.

Funny, this never showed up in any of those Parenting videos Ang made me watch.


Tex said...

whoda thunk they had cross-dressers at church? ;) JUST KIDDING.

Great Pic of ManChild. thats my name for him now. You can't help but smile when you look at him.

Who needs New York's Guv'nr to make headlines? We got ManChild!

Ted D said...

I'm with you, Tex.

I'm finding out who taught him tonight and speaking my mind. ;)

I LOVE that picture. It fits Manny to a T.

And I like "Manchild". Maybe between the two of us we can make it stick.

Tex said...

MannyChild?? ManChild I like better. at least he aint a spitzer....blah.

Ted D said...

Excuse me, I didn't say "Mannychild".

At least I don't think I did.

I'm waging a battle over at SG.

Tex said...

no I was trying on which name I liked better. I waged war on Idiots like Spitzer

Ted D said...

Fight the good fight, Tex.

I'm so screwed up from SG, I'm not sure which end is up.

Tex said...

on my blog silly

Ted D said...

Going there now, Tex.

~**Dawn**~ said...

What I am trying to figure out is are we looking at the front of Manny's head? Or the back?

I love the idea of Manchild as his nickname. Up til now the best one I've heard is ManRam. But that is honestly a distant second to Tex's idea.

Tex said...

thanks Dawn. I'm gonna have to do a post on my blog about him. I'm also going to get some kind of shirt about him before May. And it aint gonna be a normal one...just wouldnt be right

~**Dawn**~ said...

Manny and normal do not belong in the same thought. Ever.

Ted D said...

Hey Dawn.

I LOVE the manchild idea from Tex.

Manny being Manny is a concept I embrace.

Tex, let me know when you complete this process.

Redbeard76 said...

//Look, I'm all for Manny shedding his Muppet-like characteristics and joining the rest of us in reality.//

No no no, this is just wrong. Do not ask the Manny not to be Manny.

And ironically with your situation with Rakes, on Supernanny last night there was a boy who liked to play dress-up in girly stuff with a very nervous dad.

::pats Ted on the back:: It will be all right.

Ted D said...

Stephen, I'd never want Manny to not be Manny. (See my Tavarez petting quote). Just run to first every now and again. :)

Rakes does NOT like to dress up in girls clothes. He needed underwear!

Any port in a storm, you know?

But I appreciate the pat on the back. I need those every now and then.

Redbeard76 said...

Oh I know Ted. You not traveling for work today? At home with the day off?

Ted D said...

Just caught in the office for a few hours this morning, Stephen.

I keep SG up while I have to work, and check the blog from time to time.

I'm actually heading out in just a few minutes.

Have a great day, man.

Tree Newt said...

Dude, I've got one word for you:


Teach the boy the meaning.


Bickley said...

Hoo. Your kid's already getting into the girls' underwear? Watch out, Dad!! Hahaha....
And great comments about Manny. I agree 100%. Although I kind of liked the gesture when he hit that walkoff in the playoff game vs the Angels. And I like "ManChild," too. I've never, ever liked "ManRam." Sounds gay. Ew.

Ted D said...

Bro, the problem with commando is then his pants would be wet.

Isn't that trading one problem for another?

Ted D said...

Hey Bickley! You learned "Shipping up to Boston" on the keys yet?

I don't mind when Manny does that and it actually leaves the park. It's the ones where they hit off the top of the monster, and he's halfway to first when he should really be standing on 2nd that get me.

But I'll take him just the way he is, warts and all. And I'm with you on Dawn's "Manchild" nickname. Never been a fan of ManRam.

Tree Newt said...

Bro, I'm saying teach the boy that, next time he wets hit britches and the only underwear option is something with flowers and lace, opt for commando.

That's all I've got to say about that.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Whoa whoa whoa. That is not *my* nickname for him. I had none. I just said that was the best I'd heard to date. I didn't say it was a good one.

Ted D said...

Gotcha, Newt.

It's all good. We're back to Batman boxers and running over people as Soccer practice. Just a temporary setback last night. ;)

Dawn, it's a GREAT nickname! I think I'm gonna use it in future posts about Manny.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Manchild = great nickname
ManRam = was the only one I had heard to date

Neither is mine though. Tex came up with Manchild and I have no idea who coined ManRam. LOL!

Ted D said...

Did Tex really come up with Manchild? Why don't I remember that?

The first time I heard the word "ManRam" was the Jim Rome show.

Props to Tex, then.

(It's still a great nickname)

~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL! Read the very first comment on *this* post!!

Ted D said...

Man, am I an idiot.

I had no clue you meant Tex came up with Manchild, but there it is, in your post AND Tex's first post.

I blame Rakes.

~**Dawn**~ said...

It's ok, Ted. We know you're just focused on survival at this point. ;-)

Ted D said...

Exactly, Dawn.

And I'm pretty sure I'm losing that one as well.

JMP said...

Ted.... more fun with the young'uns??
I think thats too funny and the fact that rakes had such great humor about the whole incident is super.... most boys would totally freak out and refuse to wear the clean undies!!!
You got a good kid there amigo!

Ted D said...

JMP, it's a daily thing, man.

But yeah, he had a great attitude about. Almost too great.

On the positive side, he had a head on collision with a kid on his soccer team at practice tonight.

And while the other kid cried, Rakes rubbed his head, stomped around for a few seconds, and immediately jumped back into the kick off circle.

I felt MUCH better. ;)

JMP said...

Wow. Tough kid!!

I've seen a lot of soccer injuries. Had one game against a team we played before, and the other team played dirty...well one of my players decided it was payback time and took out the kid who was the nastiest in the last game.. and bruised the kids spleen!!! Kid was out for the season! Its a tough sport. That was just one of many events in my 10 years of coaching kids soccer....
This past season was very tame..thank goodness for that!

Ted D said...

A bruised Spleen?

In kid's soccer?

::makes mental note to buy Rakes a set of brass knuckles::

JMP said...

Yup..U-10 it gets rough at that age and thats when any coed teams loose the girls...

Tex said...

yes I came up with ManChild. its Mannyesque. right?

Ted D said...

VERY Mannyesque, Tex. ;)