Thursday, March 6, 2008

You've Gotta be Kidding me.

Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. Something that should have been done away with when the Moores roamed the earth is what is wrong with my little boy? We can fly to the moon, have computers that give us instant information, and YouTube, yet we can't come up with a cure for some disease spread by children?

Give me strength.

After initially worrying that Trot had the chicken pox, we found out today he's got this. Turns out some other booger eater showed up at church on Sunday with it, and now I've got Ciera and Rakes turning into compulsive hand-washers.

If you've never experienced a not quite 2 year old with blisters in his mouth and a 103 degree fever, count your blessings. A Yak caught in a bear trap makes less noise.

Add to that the helpless feeling you get when you watch Tanner Boyle play shortstop in The Bad News Bears, and you get some inkling as to what my house was like tonight.

My one diversion was taking Rakes to soccer practice. Half way through he had to go pee, which usually isn't an issue. Except the public bathrooms were locked.

Just chalk it up to another plus playing in a sports league run by Goober from Mayberry.

So we did the next best thing; we went over to the fence surrounding the soccer field and he took care of his business. I'm fairly confident nobody would have noticed anything, except for the following two things.

He can't go to the bathroom with his shirt on.

And his pants were around his ankles.

'Cause as we all know, you don't want to get anything on your pants.

I'll be checking into rehab tomorrow if anyone needs me.


Tex said...

maybe you need to buy him shorter shirts

Ted D said...

He's like George Costanza, Tex.

He CAN'T go with his shirt on.

He'll make some graduate student a great thesis someday.

Tex said...

i hope you get him help before jr high :)

Ted D said...

Jr High?

I'm working on help before Kindergarten.

I could be the first Dad who has his kid expelled for indecent exposure before the age of 6.

Tex said...

i dont think a boy's pecs being shown are against the law. just tell him to put his pants on before he walks out of the bathroom.

Ted D said...

Yeah, the full moon shot may be a bigger issue.

But you CAN'T go on your pants, Tex.

Don't you know? ;)

Tex said...

I'm not a Stander...I'm a Squatter

Ted D said...

Funny part is, it was a chain link fence.

Rakes decided to play Connect 4 with the links.

I honestly believe I'll see him on SNL in about 15 years.

Tex said...

well you have your goldmine and I have mine...ive been digging out all the baseball cards my friend son has signed over the last 8 or so years :)

Ted D said...

Whatever works, Tex.

Some day soon, I can win the AFV sweepstakes, and I'll be more than willing to share it with you.

Off to bed, now.

Tree Newt said...

Ok, please tell me the pic of the drink sharing between Trot and Ciera was BEFORE he got sick.

And Rakes is just carrying on the long-standing Dalton/Tredway tradition of taking care of bizness when it must be taken care of. Think: me, on the way to Fairystone Park waving at the passing cars as I drop trough. Think: Tyler on mom and dad's front porch airing it out.

In the words of Tevya from Fiddler on the Roof: It's tradition!

By the way: got to go see the Canes beat Minnesota 3-2 tonight, thanks to some good friends who had extra tix.

Ted D said...

Nice, Newt.

Picture was taken about a month ago, so no worries.

Must be something about taking a whizz outdoors that frees up a mans soul.

Edge of Design said...

You have a real knack (sp?) for making the every day ordinary become the extraordinarily entertaining. You do have a way with words and quite the talent too.

Ted D said...

I don't know about all that, Edge. But I appreciate the kind words.

I've said it before; it helps when you've got good material to work with.

And these kids of mine are better than good.

Redbeard76 said...

You really like calling that kid a booger eater, don't you? Is that a NCism or a Tedism?

I'm stuck in mechanic fixing car hell today, good thing they have a shuttle to take me back home, no way am I waiting there until 1pm. (I went there right at opening at 7 for what I thought was going to be a simple tire change.) Now my whole day is thrown off, good thing I took the day off work.

Ted D said...

Stephen, I can't take credit for it. Heard Colin Cowheard use it to describe fans of wrestling once.

It sort of fits.

Sorry to hear about the car trouble, and that is no way to spend your day off, man.

Here's to it getting worked out quick.

Stacy said...

Hope Trot is feeling some better. Bless his heart; those blisters have got to be terrible. :(

Jared had his "I want to pee outside moments", too. I think they don't want to waste time going inside. Just my 2 cents.

Ted D said...


No fever today and he seems to be in a better mood.

By that I mean he's not crying uncontrollably and screaming.


~**Dawn**~ said...

That poor poor baby. I have had more than my fair share of babies with hand foot & mouth & it broke my heart every time. Will he eat popsicles?

Ted D said...

Hey Dawn,

Thankfully, he'll eat "pops", but that's about it.

It's hard to believe he's the first of mine to get it.