Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It picks TODAY to actually work?

I miss most of the come from behind TWICE to win game 1 and get ALL of the 5-1 Game 2 loss.

Yep: seems fair.

About the only thing positive about today's game was Manny getting HR #1 for the season and #491 for his career. Of course he celebrated in typical Manny fashion, pimping at the plate and joyfully pointing skyward as he rounded first. In the 6th inning. Making the score 4-1, A's.

I know a lot of people give Manny a hard time about stuff like that, but I honestly don't think he means it maliciously; I just think he's naturally goofy. Besides, he's just carrying on the Red Sox tradition of having that one guy everybody just scratches their head over, ala Bill Lee, Oil Can Boyd, and Wade Boggs. Boggs you ask? Surely you're not gonna tell me a guy that ate fried chicken every day because he thought it was lucky isn't a few bats short of filling up the rack?

Trust me, I'm currently raising a little Manny in Rakes. Perpetually acting like an escapee from the loony bin, he does stuff on an hourly basis that just make you shake your head. Like tonight, for instance. As he's eating his cheese nips before bedtime he looks up and says "Dook Dad. I tan eat my trackers like George", then promptly puts one between his toes, lifts his foot to his mouth, and munches away.

Why? Who knows. That's just Rakes being Rakes.

But don't tell me you honestly can't picture Manny looking over at Papi on the flight to L.A. tonight, holding a cracker up and saying "Hey look at this, mang. I can eat my crackers like that monkey who lives with that dude who wears the big yellow hat".

'Cause I know I can.

Thankfully, it's back to the states for the boys.

Give me a 10 p.m. start over getting up with the chickens any day of the week.


Tree Newt said...

Dude, you KNEW that was going to happen today! You should have turned it off when you realized it was on. That's the way it works with me: I'm home and get to watch the 'Canes, they get smacked. I'm busy and can't even listen to it on the radio: they win big.

It's like a law of nature or something.

As to Rakes eating crackers with his toes: I'm glad someone is carrying on the tradition.

Tex said...

I started to turn off the set this morning. And yes you gave me a visual of Manny...Rakes I'm not surprised with though. ;)

thank POD I get to sleep till 7am. I am heading to granbury in the morning. woo HOOO.

Anonymous said...

You know "they" say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You knew about that expression didn't you?

Go BRAVES!!!!!

Ted D said...

Mattie, I know, I know. But I can't NOT watch. Did you used to eat with your toes too?

Tex, It's pretty disturbing, right? Have a safe trip to Granbury.

Edge, who are these "they" people you're talking about? I don't know them. ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

1. A happy Manny is a productive Manny. So if a happy Manny acts like a loony toon, more power to him.

2. OMG, I almost choked on my mac & cheese when I read that Manny part about the crackers. I *totally* pictured it.

3. Give. Me. Remy & Don. And 7:05 (PM!!!) starts please.

4. "They" are like anonymous blog commenters: have something to say, but don't want to man up & actually attach their name to it. =P

Christine E. said...

Afternoon everyone...:-)

Yeah, I was more than a little unhappy about the whole direct TV thing too--I wake up and see its not working and I yelled at my husband cause I thought HE broke it because he left a show in "Pause" on the TiVo for like 8 hours, so I then I end up being late to work because I rebooted the whole ^(*@&#&^@&* things and it STILL did not work..

And, Ted you are absolutely right, we miss the great game--and get the crappy one...and now we have to wait almost a WEEK for more baseball--this sucks..:-(

Hope you are well!

Go S--oh, never mind....LOL

Ted D said...

Dawn, problem is we'll get the A's announcers first, then Remy and DO. I think Ray Fosse is still doing the color for them, and due to his "talent" I think that hit Rose leveled him with back in the day is still affecting him.

Christine, good to see you. If you have NESN on your DirecTV, I'm pretty sure we'll get to see the Dodgers/Sox game Sat night. I hope.

Christine E. said...

Hey Ted:

I tried that a couple years ago, and NESN blocked out everything baseball! So I stopped getting it...has that changed?

Hope all is well!

Ted D said...

Christine, I've gotten to see every ST game NESN has shown the last 3 years, so I'm guessing I'll get Sat nights as well. They do black out the replays of regular season games and some other stuff, but I like getting to see the pre and post game stuff.