Thursday, March 20, 2008

Leprechauns, Rakes, and really long plane rides

This afternoon, upon being found by his Mom lying on our bed with an entire bag of candy laying all around him in various states of unwrappedness, Rakes the Destroyer uttered the following:

"The Leprechaun did it, Mom".

I have no idea where in his fertile little mind he comes up with this stuff; the only thing I can possibly think of is they talked about Leprechauns at school this week, being it included St. Patrick's Day. Problem is, according to Ang, he said it so convincingly and with such a poker face, if she hadn't know better she'd have believed him.

After a plane ride of more hours than I care to even contemplate (I'm wondering how I'm going to survive a 1 1/2 hour plane trip in May) the Red Sox arrived in Japan today. While you wonder how the rest of the players kept from either killing Papelbon or stuffing him in the overhead compartment, consider this. Along with the motor mouthed closer and Pedroia SURELY challenging any and all comers to an arm wrestling contest, they flew that far with the 5 month old son of Manny Delcarmen.

The fact that none of them had to be wrestled to the ground by the flight crew boggles the mind.

We found out that Pap bought a state of the art poker table to pass the time, only to have it broken just a few hours in an a still unknown incident. My guess? Timlin wanted to have a Dwarf tossing contest and threw Pedie JUST a bit too hard. That's only a guess, mind you.

Becks commented at Surviving Grady today that Manny and Papi in Japan had international incident written all over it, and someone else said the same about the Papelbot. I'm just hoping there are no Led Zepplin-ish moments where tv's come flying out of 6th floor windows and Papelbon doesn't drill some Japanese player in an exhibition game just for having the nerve to wear a cup when he comes up to bat.

This could be a VERY interesting trip.

Finally, I'm firmly convinced only Manny could pull off this particular look.

Welcome to Japan, Mr. Ramirez.


Tex said...

well of course, leprechauns bring the candy and eat it all. Rakes is innocent I tell ya INNOCENT

Ted D said...

Now I KNOW he'll love you on sight.

He's got someone who'll actually buy his story!

I can't stay mad at the little monkey; he's just too cute.

Sort of like his old man back in the day. ;)

Tex said...

it has nothing to do with looks...its his innate charm and ability to convince you his stories are true..WHICH THEY ARE!

Ted D said...

Oh Lord, Rakes has conned another one.

Tex, the boy is evil. EVIL I tell you. ;)

Tex said...

you're just jealous cos you aint got the boyish charm any more :)

Ted D said...

Tex, I NEVER had that boyish charm.

But if you believe that little hooligan, your IRA is in danger.

Don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

~**Dawn**~ said...

See Rakes has got it all wrong. You can only blame the leprechauns *on* St Patty's Day. The rest of the year it's Jeter's fault. ;-)

I don't even know what to say about that ManChild photo. Somewhere, Tom Brady is speed dialing his therapist's cell phone because he's been traumatized by a fashion nightmare.

Tree Newt said...

Maybe "the Leprechaun" is Rakes' new nickname for Trotty?

Krystle [RSO] said...

I have to agree with Dawn on this one. He'll get it someday. I really had to laugh when I saw it though. But really, Rakes is just too adorable to be mad at. He's like the Baby Dylan. He can whatever to make you mad but then he smiles and it ALL goes away.

I'm scared to know how that table broke. You never know, Dustin could have gotten mad at Tito for winning a game with cribbage. All the reasons to always make you love this team.

Seeing Manny with his little red thing on his head bowing to the people will make life VERY easy to live.

Ted D said...

Dawn, I'll be sure and let him know to blame Capt. Intangibles next time. And I sort of think Manny pulled it off. ;)

Newt, that could be it. I'll have to ask him.

Krystle, you're right about Rakes. We've got Star Wars Easter Egg dye and holders we're going to do this afternoon. Hopefully all of us survive.

Tex said...

\\Maybe "the Leprechaun" is Rakes' new nickname for Trotty?//

ding ding ding ding

Ted D said...

You think that's the winner, Tex?

Could be, could be.

Tex said...

Ted I'm leaving a message from my blackberry. Can you do that?

Ted D said...

What's a blackberry?