Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Night Ramblings

*Thanks to Kelly and her trip to City of Palms Park for the picture*

That's Bobby Kielty.

Potential 4th OF for the Red Sox this year, who made his bones in Boston with that solo HR in Game 4 of the World Series. It was his only A/B of the series, and it proved to be the winning run in the deciding game of the sweep.

With his hands down his pants like some baseball version of Al Bundy.

Of course he is.

This team may be more quirky, if it's even possible, than the '04 group. I wouldn't have it any other way.

On the home front, Trot is dealing with the Hand, Foot, and Mouth plague better than I thought. Don't get me wrong: little man is NOT happy with the blisters in his mouth, but he's actually cried less than we thought he would. Other than not eating every thing in sight, he's acted fairly normal today. Well, as normal as any of my whirling dervishes ever act.

'Course those blisters that were starting to form on his hands tonight may change the equation somewhat. Kids are nothing if not resilient, so hopefully he'll be able to ride out the next wave fairly well.

Finally, proof that if you can get him to get still, even Rakes will run out of gas. From tonight, around 6 p.m. while he and Trot watched "Finding Nemo"...

The only thing that shocks me about this picture?

Trot isn't whacking him upside the head with a whiffle ball bat.

I guess there are positives to being sick after all.


Tex said...

it was probably a cold morning for bobby..just keeping his hands warm...Id put my hands there too if they were cold. oh sorry i forgot this was G rated.

And did you see that video clip of espn interviewing jacoby while bobby's in the background being goofy? Classic.

you slipped him a mickey huh? :)

Ted D said...

Keep telling yourself that, Tex. ;)

Not G rated. I think I've at least earned a PG rating with the marbles talk.

I've got the clip on TiVo. Just can't find time to watch it.

And no mickey; he just stopped moving. Even the Energizer Bunny runs out of batteries.

Tree Newt said...

Bro, Trotty will figure out, like I did, that he has to get in his licks where he can. Give him time. Next thing you know, he'll be stuffing candy wrappers under the couch, blaming Rakes, and sitting back watching the whippings with a sly grin on his face.

Oooops....did I actually type that.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Ted D said...

It wasn't candy wrappers, Mattie.

It was glass Christmas tree ornaments I told you to bust on the brick wall.

The ending was the same, which is all that really matters.


Rakes IS really like me.

Ted D said...

Wait a minute....

That was YOU?

You little SOB.

Tree Newt said...

Don't forget the time I bit the end off our brand new Nerf footballs and you got the beatin' for it!

Ted D said...

The thought of you getting whipped with a garden spade will help me get past my injustices, Newt.

You owe me multiple apologies.

Tree Newt said...

Naw...the spade made up for them all. After all, that was the one time I really didn't deserve it, and it was the worst beat-down of my youth! Dad just made up for the Nerf ball and the wrappers all in one.

Ted D said...


Rakes would laugh at you if he knew.

Tree Newt said...

Tell Rakes to laugh after you lay into him with a garden spade! My butt is smaller on one side than the other as a result!

Ted D said...

Dude, grow a set.

You're a guy, remember?

Let it go, little brother.

And besides, that's some of the best laughs I remember from those days.

Tree Newt said...

Glad I could provide some amusement for you, schmuck. I have to have a wallet the size of a turtle in my back pocket so I sit up level in the car, thanks to that!

Tex said...

Ted can you access cyn's blog? it wont open it for me

Ted D said...

:: In my best Govenator voice, circa Kindergarden Cop::

Stop Whining!

Tex, just got home and I checked. I can get on.

Tex said...

musta been a didnt last long

ive been redecorating. Cyns disease is catching

Ted D said...

Looks nice, Tex. Hope you got some rest last night.