Saturday, May 2, 2009

Balls of Steel takes on a whole new meaning.

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Wake was human. Lowell hit a Home Run.

And The Munchkin took one off the marbles on a slide into third.

Final score was 10-6 Red Sox, and even though Jeff Bailey replaced J Bay in the 6th inning I refuse to panic. We beat the Rays on their home field, which has been a house of horrors the past year or so, and the sky failed to fall.

I'm going to consider that a good omen and console myself with the fact that 3 weeks from today I'll actually be in Boston.

CC Sabbathia going 1-3 today is just icing on top of the sundae.

Brad Penny on the bump tomorrow.

I'll be the guy swigging Pepto Bismal if you need me.


Tex said...

I missed most of the game so i missed pedie's iron manesque slide.
loved Mikey's homer...wearing his shirt.

3 weeks.

Ted D said...

Hopefully Pedie was wearing a cup made of iron.

Nikki said...

The worst part was that Don was kinda laughing at one point when he figured out where it hit him. (Ok...I guess it was pretty funny)

Ted D said...

Funny watching it. Not so funny when it happens to you!

Trot's Hat said...

My favorite was that oh-so-awkward silence when they figured out what had actually happened and then trying to make it suitable for family viewing....:snicker:

And belated thanks for that commercial Ted. Never fails to make me smile!

Nikki said...

Funny watching it. Not so funny when it happens to you!//

True...And Tito smirking was the icing on the cake. But it certainly did look painful.

Ted D said...

Bridget; the awkward silence was good but DO saying "Pedroia was hit on the fly" then giggling maybe beat it!

Nikki, as one whose taking countless line drives and karate kicks off the gibleys there is nothing quite like it. I can't imagine how a baseball feels being thrown by a major leaguer!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I know this is an old post but I have to comment. I was sitting no more than 40 feet from third base & I knew where that ball hit Pedroia before he could even react. I was cringing for him as he writhed around. I had some friends watching on tv that were sure it only hit him in the leg but I can verify: that was not his leg!

Ted D said...

Dawn, it looked like it to me at first but I had to get confirmation. Great seats btw!

~**Dawn**~ said...

So good I could see into the Sox dugout all night! There was nothing but a piece of plexiglass between where I was sitting & Heidi too. Not that I cared so much about that. =P