Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Face Made For Gibley Punching

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You give up a 3 run home run in the first inning so what do you do?

Tip your cap to the guy, chalk it up to a bad pitch, or blame the wet footing on the mound?


You hit Jason Bay in the back with a + 90 mph fastball the next time around.

As long as Joba Chamberlain is pitching in MLB Roger Clemens is alive and well.

What a bush league, chicken s**t, dinkish move; coming from this clown I shouldn't have expected anything else.

4-3 Sox in the bottom of the 7th with JPB pulled after giving up a lead off single to Captain Intangibles. It didn't happen tonight, but there is no doubt in my mind that someone wearing pinstripes is going to get one in the ear hole SOMETIME this year.

Dear God, I don't ask for much.

But PLEASE let it be Jeter.


Tex said...

honestly...Im proud Josh didn't return the favor tonight. Josh pitched good yet Joba out-K'd him. So sometimes pitching doesn't win the games. Runs do. forgot to take the picture of score although I think i got one alittle more meaningful. not there yet...wait for it

Ted D said...

Tex, I was really hoping somebody was getting dusted off. I guess it'll be next time they play but I can promise you no pitcher on the Red Sox will forget it.

Rich in the garage said...

Honestly I hope it isn't Jeter, he'd expect it.

We gotta take em by surprise and tag someone like Swisher or that back up of a back up third baseman with the name that changes every time he's at bat.

The element of surprise is the way of the ninja.

Ted D said...

Jr, good point. And "the way of the ninja"?


Rich in the garage said...

Tell me straight faced that it wouldn't kick butt to be a ninja as your 9-5.

You can't.

Ted D said...

You are correct, Jr. It would rock.

~**Dawn**~ said...

One of the first things out of my mouth last night was: "What's the matter, Joba? Youk isn't playing tonight, so you had to make JayBay pay for his homer?" He is a troll. One of these days, Karma is going to pay him back with a line drive right back at him.

Now if you will excuse me, I believe there is some Lowell up yonder that I need to resume drooling over...

Ted D said...

Dawn, he is an absolute moron. He's Roger, only younger and dumber.

Rich in the garage said...

I dunno, Roger is pretty dumb.

I don't think Joba is a bad kid, I just dont think he's being brought up in the game with the right personalities around him. He would flourish in the red sox organization where the current way of the yankees will teach him how not to be a decent human.

Can you imagine having to explain to david ortiz mikr lowell and jason varitek how you managed to get arrested for a dui and soil the name of your team and exhibit general stupidy? Thats like Mr. Cosby, Wally Cleaver and Mr. Cunningham all rolled into one big ball of guilt trip.

Screw that, I'd have just stayed at home.

Ted D said...

Agree, Jr. But he's turning into a pariah in the game and it's his team mates who are going to pay for his stupidity.