Monday, May 4, 2009

Rakes Soccer Party

Thanks to Coach Wendell scheduling it on a Monday, I was able to make Rakes end of the season soccer party tonight. I was only able to make a handful of games this year, so getting to be there at the end was big for me tonight. As you can tell from the above picture, Rakes was excited in his own way.

His was the final name called to come to the front and get his trophy, and Coach made it special by announcing "Last, but certainly not least Rakes Dalton!" Ric Flair would have been envious with the way Rakes strutted to the front of the room to accept his trophy.

All the Sharks with Coach Wendell. I have no idea what Rakes is doing in this picture; I'm going to chalk it up to the Jimmy Legs and leave it at that.

Finally, Rakes and Wendell. And with every day I get more and more proud of my oldest son.

Love you, little man.

In the top of the 3rd at the new Toilet it's Red Sox 3, Skanks 0. Phil Hughes is at 80 some pitches, Crabby is dealing, and there are several Red Sox fans sitting in the first row of seats.

I really hope George is boiling over in his luxury box over this development.


Tree Newt said...

Pele' has nothing on that boy! Very cool! How many goals did he score this year? More importantly, has he perfected his celebration yet?

Go Sox.

Ted D said...

Around 20, Mattie. His celebration is to find me and give me a high five.

At least he's not moon walking in front of the goal.


Tex said...

Im certain Rakes will perfect his own goal making dance and rightly so.

I think Georgie is being taken to the hospital....for a mental health eval.

Ted D said...

Let's hope so, Tex. On both counts.

Redbeard76 said...

//Ric Flair would have been envious//

Did Rakes go "Woooooooooooo!?" Cause if he did, that would have me in stitches!

Ted D said...

Sadly, no Redbeard. But it would have been classic!