Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Miss All The Fun Stuff When I'm At Work

The Red Sox 3-1 today behind a great performance by Josh Beckett.

Which is fantastic.

However, the fact I missed what happened in the 7th inning is seriously making me contemplate staying home with Rakes, Trot, and Ciera this fall while Angie goes back to work; think of me like Michael Keaton in "Mr. Mom". Only without all the patience.

Turns out there was an ump at home plate fresh out of AAA who turned the bottom half of the game into an impromptu session of Rage-a-Holics anonymous.

Jeff Bailey from the Sox was called safe at home on a close play in the top of the inning, Twins catcher Mike Redmond jumped up to argue and quicker than you can say "Mike Redmond" dude got ran. THEN Ron Gardenhire, who sort of looks like the snowman who narrates "Frosty the Snowman" comes out to argue and HE gets tossed.

Fast forward to the bottom of the inning and The Commander doesn't quite like the call he gets on a close pitch. He politely questions the legitimacy of the umps heritage, throws a few "baseball words" in and before you know it The Captain is jumping up and playing peacemaker.

Now, I don't what was said; Tek wears that old school mask and his back was to the camera but before you can blink the quickest draw in the West has tossed HIM and subsequently Tito, looking like some deranged science professor with a wad of Beech Nut in his jaw.

I understand not wanting to let a situation get out of hand. I get he's a rookie ump and if he doesn't lay the law down he's dead man walking for the rest of his career.

But 4 guys in the span of 30 minutes? I'm honestly surprised Beckett didn't bounce one off his face mask just 'cause he can.

And guess who forgot to TiVo the freaking game?

As I head toward sleep I've got "The Rookie" on in the background in lieu of DO and whoever they pick up off the street today to fill in for the RemDog.

I'd forgotten how good this movie really is.

Tomorrow it's off to Toronto to face the free falling Blue Jays, where thankfully we don't have to face Doc Halladay over the weekend.

Doesn't get much better than that.


HorshamScouse said...

//Beckett didn't bounce one off his face mask just 'cause he can.//

The phrase "Hit him in the head" barely passed my lips...

Your first comment from 38000 feet above the Grand Canyon. :)

Ted D said...

Nice, John! Have a safe trip home and it was great seeing you. ::waves::