Monday, May 18, 2009

Season Finale, Pre- Palooza Monday

I just got done watching Jack Bauer, HANDCUFFED mind you, kill three bad guys with a scalpel and a choke hold.

Did I mention he's infected with a bio-agent that is shutting down his nervous system and he's going to die within a few hours?

24 is hands down the GREATEST. SHOW. EVER.

Although the fact I committed to 24 straight weeks to see some conclusion this year resulted in the biggest cliffhanger since "Who Shot JR?" is sort of harshing my mellow. Seriously; they couldn't tie up at least ONE loose end until next season starts?

Did I mention next season won't start until freaking JANUARY????

I'd rant some more but I'm spent. This, combined with 10 hour work days added on to the excitement I'm having due to me getting on a tin can and flying at 35,000 feet in a few days is sort of stressing me out. But once I get through it I'll be in Vermont with my buddy Rob and the fair Jane, then trekking into Boston to see the Sox followed by a marathon Palooza with the SG Crew is somewhat tempering my frustration right now.

But for Pete's sake; could they not have at least let us know if Jack makes it?

(He IS 24. Deep down I know he makes it; but considering I came this close to naming Trot "Bauer" they could at least throw me a bone.)


Tree Newt said...

Dude, you are classic. I can't imagine following much of anything for 24 weeks, and you not only followed that, but 10 other shows and all the offseason/preseason/season news on the Sox.

Simply amazing.

Have fun, old man. Enjoy your trip to Beantown! I hope you see 'em win big!

Ted D said...

Heh. Thanks, Mattie. And maybe I'll bring you back a Wally doll! ;)

Tex said...

Next Season starts with Jack revealing he is really a terrorist

Ted D said...

You're evil. You know this, right?

~**Dawn**~ said...

I cursed the writers of Grey's Anatomy for the same reason. Holy cliffhangers, Batman! At least I only have to wait til September.

Ted D said...

Dawn, they did wrap up the main plotline for the year, but left questions about every stinking other thing. 8 months is a LOOOONG time.

Tex said...

24 starts the new season with Jack being fell ill to a bioterrorism of his device as he reveals he was plotting all along to put the disease on the US...but instead he got sick.
So on his death bed, he decided to turn from evil to good and really devote his life to the good ole US

and new name for the show becomes 42

ya know like dominos.

HorshamScouse said...

In House, House has been committed to a mental hospital.

In Bones, Booth came out of a coma/operation not knowing who Bones is.

FWIW I don't think Jack Bauer is a terrorist or that he has some fatal infection/disease, but that's just me.